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For heaven's sake, if you're going to write, please show me you've read the profile. Also, ema
Female Slave, 54,  Washington D.C. US

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 Female Slave

 Washington D.C.

 5' 9"





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Dominant Male

For heaven's sake, if you're going to write, please show me you've read the profile. Also, emails consisting of simply "hi" and "good morning" are going to be ignored.

Currently dealing with reduced mobility and some physical limitations. Yes, it makes it impossible to kneel before you - does that mean I worship and revere Master any less? Not in my world. If it bothers you, then that's just an indication we are not suited for each other.

My fervent wish is to be owned again. Service to Master is a reflection of my spirituality.

I'm not interested in play. M/s is not a roleplay to me and I find it spiritually unfulfilling to play with SM outside of an M/s dynamic. A papercut, a finger cut in the kitchen, a scraped knee from falling on the sidewalk - these all hurt badly. But enduring pain wielded by my Master - exquisite. Taking pain in that context is part of the divine. Suffering for him, bleeding for him - these are physical ways I can express my trust and fealty to him, to the extent I give him the power of life and death over me. SM and M/s are vehicles for me to access the divine, to be the highest articulation of myself here on this planet.

I know I am an oddity and an enigma to many of my peers in the BDSM community who don't get my beliefs and what it is that I seek. Heck, I'm an oddity and an enigma to those in my family and geographical communities, too.

I believe I am what I am and that I know what I want and need to be happy. I wanted that complete body, mind and soul connection with a Master again.

My Ideal Person is a single, unattached, Dominant man. Not a switch, not someone simply into SM, but a man who is interested in co-creating a full relationship with an intelligent, sentient woman who views the world as better and more suitable when viewed through the lens of M/s. My ideal is a man who has experience in mastering a woman, who desires to receive her service and fealty in a 24/7 relationship. Age matters - I'm not interested in anyone younger than 50. Location matters - I am not open to relocation. Please don't ask.

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