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I enjoy getting to know shy, quiet ladies.  But, I'm also very busy, and don't always get
Male Dominant, 56,  Frostbite Falls, Minnesota US

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I enjoy getting to know shy, quiet ladies.  But, I'm also very busy, and don't always get around to making "first contact" when I should.  If you're shy, or just don't know what to say, but think you might be interested, just send me a quick message that says "I'm interested".  Nothing else.  I'll take it from there, hoping that that will eliminate the barrier.


It seems like a lot of women on dating sites of all sorts are all about getting to some "easy life" that's all about living in extra-yuppie-expensive houses, wine and cheese, campfires and sunsets, or travel to exotic places.  I don't really do any of those things regularly, just occasionally.  Are you interested in becoming a better person or doing something good for others, and not just out to just "be a better sub" or degrade yourself or limit yourself?


I work on things that help, or have the potential to help, millions to billions of people.  While my life is more than comfortable, I don't focus on that easy-living stuff - it seems trivial compared to what I should be doing for others in our society.  If you'd like to be doing something more worthwhile than lollygagging around wasting your life away - if you're "service oriented" in the right way - I have a ton of things you could help me with.


For example, I have some farm- and food-related businesses I'd like to get started.  So there's some marketing (selling) work to be done that I just don’t have time to do.  Even doing housework for me would be helpful, because the cooking would be the research for the food business.


I am designing a new medical product and a software service around it.  Here there's some "office work" to be done (filing, writing, internet research like an administrative assistant might do, not dictation and typing like some secretary from the last century would do). 


Another project I have going on would benefit from investigating legal issues related to a domestic violence and a rare serious mental health situation.  (No, it's not me….)  This kind of work requires more than casual interest or education in the topic if you want to help, but not necessarily a college degree.


Perhaps you would like to help me construct some educational projects for junior-high or high-school age kids?  I don't even know where to start on this one yet, so it's pretty open-ended at the moment.  But, if it's the kind of thing you might like to do, let's talk about it.


I have a day job that pays the bills easily enough.  I have some rather technical hobbies (computers, telescopes, tractors, instrumental classical music).  Sometimes  I'm so busy I can't keep it all organized in my head.  So, I'd love a "domestic partner" that organizes my life, schedules some social events, decorates my houses, makes some minor travel arrangements (I don't think I'll be travelling outside the U.S. any more), does some shopping (wait, wait, that's shopping for things that *I* want, not for things that *you* want :- ), helps me study my online classes (you don't have to understand the topic to be helpful), shortens my essays when they get took long, and keeps me warm at night.


OK, do you remember back a few paragraphs where I said I was busy?  Now you should probably understand why.  Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to team up with me in a way that lets us do more than either of us could do together, and enjoy doing it.  Complex?  Hard to figure out what I'm really getting at?  Yep.  I wouldn't have it any other way, though, because this is the real world I'm living in, not some easy-peasy dream life.


I don't have a pre-determined goal about long-term vs. short-term relationships, friendships vs. intimate relationships vs. marriage, etc.  We're all in different phases of life and on different schedules, so we fit together however we fit together… and I'm good with that.  Being a guy, though, I admit to having regular interest in… uh, "relieving frustration", if you know what I mean.  In a favorite fantasy, I have an "intimatefriend" who seriously fights me every step of the way when I push her towards the bed, but doesn't really mind when she loses in the end, and comes back the next night to do it all over again.   It's a good thing it's just a fantasy, eh?  


I'm not ever out to truly hurt a lady, but if the trust has been built, then I do enjoy giving bare-handed spankings or using a light flogger in a bit of a "massage mode".  It's generally for the pleasurable aspect, enough to get enhanced sensation, not enough to damage tissue, but I can use it for discipline or limit-testing where that's valuable.  I'd enjoy getting to know someone who can get to that "subspace" feeling through spanking or flogging or something similar, or at least find someone who'd like to try.


Overall, I'm living a peaceful, meaningful, rewarding, fulfilling life.   In my way, I'm out to change the world, and enjoy doing it.  I'm not very interested in artificial emotions, games, explicit roleplaying. 


Well, that's a bunch about me and the kinds of things I like.  What about you?  Tell me something you'd like me to know about you, or something you spend your time on, or something you just think about but haven't gotten involved in yet.  


Journal Entries:
11/12/2017 9:01:49 PM

The days are short, the nights are long.

It's cold outside, but warm by the fire.

It's dear-hunting time in Minnesota again.

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