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Hi there, UPDATE: I saw many people are looking for slaves and such. I just wanted to clari
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Hi there,

UPDATE: I saw many people are looking for slaves and such. I just wanted to clarify that if being sub or slave, I am not looking for dungeon type of life. If you want to just brainless bimbo or obedient slave 24/7/365 with nothing to say, then i suggest you move one to another slave/sissy wannabe profile with no ambitions in life. I know exactly what I am looking for and I find commitment very seriously. Also, i have school, skills, brains and experience to be sucessful, and I will have that even if i look like sluty bimbo for Dom. So trying to make my personality different is useless. But if you are Dom/Domme who knows how to capture and embracesomeone like me... then you are probably one I am looking for, and I will be best slave you will probably have. All photos are my own, and i can prove it. 


I already had profile here, but due to technical issues, and that I received mails from people I did not want to attract, I created new profile. In this one I will try to be more specific on what I am looking for to save you and me time.


Here is the boy, who at the moment is just a sissy, or crossdresser but with right person I want to take it to next level. 26 y.o., slim enough and getting even slimmer, with university degree and experience in engineering.  Don't smoke, do drugs (420 either) and prefer people with same preferences. Like doing a lots of thing from watching movies, biking to be less productive like playing video games from time to time. 


I am looking for similar person, with situated life. Since there is no one from my country here (and serious), I am looking for someone for ongoing relationship, and not just a one stand. That someone should already have experience with boys/girls like me and if know what it takes to elevate it to next level it is a big plus. And by next level I mean hormone therapies or plastics. I like people older than me, with no upper age limit as long there is some attraction involved (to looks or personality). And while talking about personality, I am total sub, so that means I prefer total doms or masters, but sane person with whom I can talk when not doing... things.


As for other preferences... i guess i could go with similar things you can find on other profiles. I like domination, light BDSM, latex and leather, humiliation and dirty talks etc etc. Sure, as sissy boy i also dream of big dicks and being big breasted doll one day, but I focus on reality on things. 


I consider personality most important in these kind of things, so someone attractive would be someone who knows exactly what he, or she, wants. As for gender, I don't have preferences as both of genders have their own qualities. But as i saw already on my old profile men are most likely the ones who search for someone like me. I don't mind the couples either, as long they know what they want.


Guess I am just one of the sissy boys here on collarme, or maybe not, depending how you can look on me. Please avoid me if you are searching for cyber, cam, hot chat or similar teenage nonsense. Also if you are some kind of online trainer, domme, dom or searching for lost souls who will pay money for a bit of wanking. One liners will be dealt in same way, or messages without much sense or purpose.  

Concerning location... I live in Europe, so i prefer someone close here. I don't mind US or Canada but as long there are really REALLY serious about their intentions (but in most cases they are not or they do not think it all the way and what it is involved). Relocation is of course possible for certain person (or people). 


If i read your profile or put you in favorites that means something attracted me to it. But if I don't send a mail it doesn't necessary means I am not interested, so you can send me something instead. (and please do be first to send something as sometimes I can't see who checked me or put me as admirires). I try to be polite and answer to everybody so initiative is always welcomed :) Don't need or will ask money for relocation, as I can move anywhere in the world on my expense.

PS And yes, i can walk just fine in those heels on pictures and enjoy it :)

PS2: All photos are mine, I don't wear any wig on any of those, and shortes haircut is the latest one. 

Journal Entries:
3/19/2014 7:36:48 AM

Never seem to amaze me how many loonies there are on Internet. I especially like the one trying to prove I am fake, and that is not me on the photos. It is like having unending source of astonishment. :)

3/12/2014 6:03:39 AM

I must say I am disappointed about some Doms here, not to mention so proclaimed Masters. They tend to force their way of thinking upon me, and when it is not working they quit (which is ok) but some get offended as well! What kind of dominant person is that? One that is easily pushed back by sissy boy. 

I stated in a profile that I am not looking to be enslaved to be brainless toy for someone, and yet I get these kind of so called doms. Sure, being someone toy, a slut and all that goes with it is fun and all but i tend to live in real world where there are obligations and I need compassion and respect as well as human being.  

Dungeon type of girl is not my thing, nor poly experiments and wannabe, wishes about having this or that, without even having own life, so you can stop pushing that on me, as you will get disappointed. If ancient Romans did use methods found on this site for capturing people, Rome would stand empty for most of the time. 

It is all about pushing the right buttons, when it comes to capturing someone's body or mind. I am not you typical dungeon slave, but for right Dom I would bark on my knees and allowed to being fucked in ass in public if he wants to. Now figure that one out.

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