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The following profile will let you know what I seek. I am a Dom/Master, Read all the way throu
Male Dominant, 64,  Columbia, South Carolina US

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 Dominant Male


 South Carolina

 6' 0"





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Submissive Female

The following profile will let you know what I seek. I am a Dom/Master, Read all the way through and you will understand. Above all else, I am Honest and straight forward and I have a sense of humor.


A) What I seek:

    I am looking for a Submissive female only, not just in the bedroom, but in the total

    relationship. some would call that a slave, so be it, but you will have some input

    in the relationship, if you want it. If not. and you consider yourself a slave,

    I will and can handle it all.

    I look forward to a Sub that will be a respected addition to my household.

    I am not into Poly.

    You will be coming into a HOH household.

    You may work out side the home, but if not then we will work on what you can do.

    You must be Intelligent, and also be able to carry on a conversation.

     I am seeking 24/7 and TIH, and TPE as well as HOH.  I believe in OTK, LDD

     and in collaring.

     (see below for abbreviations meaning)

     I am seeking a woman 5'4 or taller. I prefer to look my sub/slave in the eye,

     I am 6'0".

     ( if you are smaller than 5'4", then we will get you a step stool. :) lol


B) About Me:

    I do not yell or scream at my Sub, I am level headed and quit down to earth.

    My life is in order, and I am in control of my life.

    I work for my self on my own time, and I have retired from a state job.

    I am a veteran, and believe in the 2nd amendment, Yes I have guns,

    and a cover permit.

    I am a financial Moderate, and a Conservative at heart. I am not a liberal.

     (although I will not hold that against you. some opposites do attract,.... sometimes.)

    I am firm, and at times strict,  but I am not inflexible or rigid, nor am I abusive.

    I am very affectionate, easy going. I care, protect and am responsible

    for your well being.

    I love to laugh and have a very good sense of humor. Love to have fun.

    I am not into time wasters, after talking about 2 weeks on here.I will expect to talk to

    you by phone.

    I do not bring baggage or drama to the table, you shouldn't either.

    I have a hell of a sense of humor, and I am a great listener. you should be a great

      listener also, as it will be necessary in guiding you.

    My name spells it out Goodmaster10, I am a Good master.


C) What I don't do:

    I will not send money to you.

    I don't and won't contact you for anything off this site, kik, skype, Yim don't ask.

    I am not into Scat, Needles, Kids, or anything messy or Illegal.

    I will not cause permanent harm.



 D) What I will do:


     If you agree to relocate. I will come to you and see to it that you are moved

    -OR- I will reimburse you for your relocation when you get here, if you request it.

     I will not send money.


 E)  Relationship/Play:

      I have been a Dom and Master. I believe in TPE, TIH and HOH. I believe in OTK,

      LDD and in collaring. Impact, bondage, restraints and training. 24/7 LTR   

      I do not switch. I was born with XY chromosomes, and that I will stay, as a Man.

      I will respect your limits.


  F) Preference:

     I absolutely love women, sorry guys I am not looking for tranny's or guy's or

     anything M to F, sissy guy's or bisexuals. Just real women, you know the kind with

     XX chromosomes.  

     NOTE: To the guy's that call themselves women after having it cut off, OUCH!

     I'm sorry to hear that, but your still a guy with XY chromosomes, your not

     going to change that, your still a guy!! 


  G) Things I am learning, or interested in now:  Fractals.   fascinating subject. 


I know that I have written you a book, but you now know more about me than any

one else's profile on this site. If you have gotten this far, drop me a line, would love to talk.


OTK = over the knee. TPE = total power exchange.  HOH = head of household.

LDD = loving domestic discipline.  TIH = taken in hand.  LTR = long term relationship. 


Questions, contact me.  

(arrogant, stuck up, conceited.... No. just a self assured and confident Man) GoodMaster10.





Journal Entries:
10/4/2017 10:03:08 PM
Oh Brother!, its a full moon, not just a full moon but a big fat harvest moon that lights up the night. That's the only reason I can figure out why the weirdos are out. My mother who worked the emergency rooms at the hospitals (CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) would always say that when the full moon was out more babies are born and the ER would always get the most business on full moons. you know, she was right, I worked the ER for 2 1/2 yrs. the drunks and stupid people come out and hurt them selves. But this is about all the weirdos that come out on the Full Moon. OMG!  Guys, if you have had it cut off, this does not make you a female. A female has XX chromosomes. you have XY, understand. read the profile. Its very well written, at least that is what I've been told, and very self explanatory. Guys I'm not interested. This applies to ALL he, she, it's or whatever. No I'm not homophobic, it's just ICKY to me. Your a GUY! that's putting it as nice as I get. OK.

9/19/2017 4:41:55 AM
How to spot a Fake/Scammer

1) Most fakes and scammers will not take time to fill their interest
     page out.

2) Most will not do a journal entry of any kind. takes to much time.

3) If they have a picture on the profile page, and it is to good to be real,
     it is usually lifted off the internet. do a picture check on TINEYE.

4) Will want you to leave the site so they can ask for money, off site.
     If it doesn't happen on CS, there is no proof it happened, and
     CS will not bounce them off.

5) They will put a telephone number in their profile, this is for text only,
     you will never hear their voice, only text. and they will ask you for
     money or services, or some wanker is getting off because you
     bite the bait.
Just a note: had one contact me, said she was from Orlando Fla.
     the area code was 320 (Minnesota) mileage was 896 miles on her
     profile, which is how far Minn. is from me. Only 431 mi. to Orlando
     from my location. Profile now says 264 mi. When everything
     doesn't add up, its probably a SCAMMER.
6) They will give you a really good story, that you have to send them
     some money to relocate.  Really, never send money, for anything! If
     your going to relocate them, go to them and help them pack.
     It will be a great bonding time.

Just because they don't have a picture doesn't mean they are scammers, some just don't want their pictures on here, due to jobs or preference. talk to them, get to know them, and then exchange pictures.

9/19/2017 1:52:17 AM
this is why you need me. I am mature , experienced and I am a Good Master.
12 Reasons You need to have a Dominant in Your life

1.) You need the structure and rules in order to feel fulfilled.
2.) You need to have someone to care for and be valuable to.
3.) You crave the intensity of D/s interactions.
4.) The feeling of ownership makes you feel safe and free.
5.) Having someone in your life who is willing to push your boundaries has made you a better person.
6.) You need someone who craves you and wants you just as much as you do them and you have not found that in the vanilla world.
7.) You need to be held accountable for your actions in a way that only a D/s relationship can provide.
8.) You love having a person who will take you down dark paths of desire.
9.) You have desires that require absolute trust in order to be fulfilled.
10.) You crave that moment when you can finally let go and fully submit and your mind finally quiets.
11.) Sometimes you just need the feelings of hands on your throat or buried in your hair and the whisper of “You are Mine” in your ear.
12.) Pain is an incredible turn on and you have yet to meet a vanilla who understands why you want it.

8/29/2017 4:39:05 PM
Are there any real, really real women on here.  I hear this from some of the women on here also about the men, by reading their profiles. SHOCK, I do read your profiles and interest page and your journals. Same as the women complaining about all the fakes and wannabes on here, I am sure many of the men on here go through the same thing. What I am getting at, is the ones I do contact, which is not very many, seem to throw red flags up right away as scammers and fakes.

8/9/2017 11:30:16 AM
Its a hundred and seven in the shade, actually its 98 but the humidity makes it feel like 107, welcome south!, the slave that's visiting me, well all she can do is look through the kitchen window, If it gets much hotter out there I guess I'll have to let her in.  LOL!
WHAT! she's fine, she's not hot, she's naked with a collar on, and on a chain tethered to a stake in the back yard. WHAT! Ok,... Guess I'll go fill her dish up with some water.  LOL!! WHAT!  

( It's a joke ladies, I have a sense of humor. No she really wasn't out there!.... maybe!)

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