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I am here looking for a true submissive to own. If she is relocatable that
Male Dominant, 60,  Utah US

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 Dominant Male


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Submissive Female

I am here looking for a true submissive to own. If she is relocatable that's great but not a deal breaker since I can relocate given the time to take care of loose ends. I am open to relocation just about anywhere so that is something I am certainly willing to discuss. It would be great if she is single and unattached but I am also willing to discuss this with a married woman who is in the process of divorce or has already become divorced. At this stage in my life I have little to no baggage I would love to find a submissive that also has little to no baggage or drama in life. I know that if the right submissive comes along for me she may already have children. I do not consider the children of the submissive that I may become involved with as baggage or drama but at the same time I am at the point in my life where I have no wish or desire to father any more children. I raised two of my own children and I would welcome my subs children into my life as well.


I am always willing to discuss limits. I respect the limits that any sub may already have. Limits exist for a reason and will always be respected. The submissive I hope to find and make a part of my life should eventually want to be be owned. 


I believe in and want a one on one relationship between my submissive and myself. I'm looking for something special with the one I own. I am looking to once again take and keep a true submissive woman.


The screen name that I have chosen does not refer to my personality or my unwillingness to listen to the woman I am involved with or discuss concerns she may have. My screen name refers to a certain body part that still functions quite well without the help of any little blue pill. I am sure that all who read this profile can figure out which body part that is.      

 Are you or could you be the one submissive that is looking to be owned real time by only one man? I am looking for that one special woman that knows what it means to serve a man and have that man own and take care of her.


 I know you're out there......come and introduce yourself.            

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