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more to come at a later date.  Time to add to this.  I am a long time Master.  
Male Dominant, 50,  FT.Smith, Arkansas US

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more to come at a later date.  Time to add to this.  I am a long time Master.  I will make anyone better.  Many think that they know what this is all about when they really dont.

A Masters job is not an easy one.  A Master is a Protector, Teacher, Counselor, Guide. It is his inherent duty to look after his property to make them better.  He must mold them to what their potential can be.  This means at times pushing them.  Better known as "pushing the limits".  Everyone can do more if they are given the chance.  None of it is easy and it should not be.  From learning to gag on cock and relax and take more. To being punished.  It is all a part of this dynamic.  Each orgasm that a submissive has should be pushed to its limits so that it is earth shattering each better than the last.

Each orgasm the Master blesses the slave with should be savored and used to it's best intent and never wasted.  Corporal punishment is also a part of this as well.  It comes in many forms and is not limited except by the imagination of the Master.  But there is a way to do this so that is helpful not harmful.  I do expect open and honest communication from anyone contacting me.  Should you not have a Pic on your profile you should send one with your message.  If you are looking for online training I can do that though it is not my favorite you should be ready to show me your accomplished tasks.  I am also looking for 24/7 TPE. Or at least something close.  I may add more as time goes on.

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