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Female Submissive, 28,  Minnesota US

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 Submissive Female


 5' 4"

 169 lbs





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I am a sub lil i am no longer single

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11/14/2017 10:16:03 PM
Been having a big daddy fucks his lil girl while shes sleeping fantasy kick lately

10/30/2017 10:48:52 PM
Tipsy and kinda wanting to chat with someone cool

10/29/2017 10:06:02 PM
Any nerdy guys like me? I like (anime) fairy tail, one piece, dbz, bdz abridged lol, full metal alchemist brotherhood, 7 deadly sins, black clover, soul eater. Video games i have ps4 but play games like spelunky, binding of isaac, party hard, borderlands, i just started final fantasy 15. Oh and 420! Oh and my little pony!!

10/21/2017 9:34:24 PM
I may be really baked atm, but i would love if someone would buy me random ass things from my wish list xD id send dirty pics or vids or something lol

10/20/2017 6:25:33 PM
Wishing i had a plushie suplier xD

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