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Collarspace Dreams



The cold bite of loneliness sinking into my skin,
Trying to hold out hope for the warmth of love,

Another liar revealed, another imposter with-in,

Another that pretended that they fit me like a glove.


I don't need perfection, I just need honesty and real,
My world grows a little darker every day that I'm here,

I find my suspicions are so high paranoia is all I feel,
Will I falsely accuse you of lying, my fantasy dear.


I want to enthrall your mind, and bind to your heart,

I want to mold you like all you were was cast in clay,

I want to love you and admire you, my work of art.

Perhaps I'll find you deep among this rubble someday.


Greetings and salutations,


Let me preface this by saying I'm transgendered, MtF, pre-op, pre-hormone, primarily due to financial reasons.  I'm not listing as trans because it seems most on here see that as a sort of fetishized shemale, rather than an actual gender identity disorder.  If that offends you, I'm really very sorry.

I hope your day goes well, and somebody finds my profile interesting. I'm here for something real and deep.

I am a hypnodomme, I crave deep and total control of the mind, thoughts, feeling, perception, personality. To me it is the most intimate form of control, or touching another person, shaping who they are, what they are. The gift of that level of submission is one no person deserves, and it is humbling and awe inspiring when they do.


I have a lot of flaws, lack of transport, bad place financially, I'm a nerd, a gamer. Yet I know I have something valuable to give.


My kinks generally involve humiliation that only we know about (think of seeing yourself as naked in public, when you are actually clothed.) Orgasms on command, bimbofication, bending women to some of the female stereotypes (liking pink, enjoying cooking/cleaning etc. . ) I prefer giving pleasure, and usually don't give pain, but to me the control is the most important part, so I'm open to bending many of these or offering different things if they're interesting to you.


My other big fetish is feet, I adore giving and recieving, and of course giving that fetish to anyone that let's me into their mind.


So do I sound interesting? Can you look past the flaws to the roiling domme underneath? Would you like to get to know me well enough to let me in your mind? If you have any questions, and want to chat, message, get to know me. If you're determined/curious, I have a test/suggestibility session in my journal, you're free to try it and give feedback.


Hope to hear from you soon.



Journal Entries:
6/27/2017 6:05:29 PM
Induction and trance I'm working on.

First, get as comfy as you humanly can, make sure you won't get interrupted and you have about an hour of uninterrupted free time.  Take a deep breathe as you relax. Now I want you to start breathing deeply, a little deeper than you would if a doctor asked you to take a deep breathe.  Keep breathing that way till it feels natural, when it feels natural, move on.

Now I want you to picture your whole body as completely as you can as seen from above, close your eyes and picture it, and when you have the whole image in your mind open them again.  Now picture all of the tension and stress in your body as a faint red glow, getting brighter in the tensest spots, now let that drain down and out of your feet,  so first letting all the tension drain from your head and neck as you roll your shoulders, your neck, letting them relax, now the arms and torso, deep breathes as you relax them.  Slowly the red glow flows down and out through the bottoms of your feet, stretching, relaxing, breathing deep, and soon there's no red glow left, now close your eyes and watch the last of it drain, feel your body relax and when it's all gone, open your eyes.

Now that your body is relaxed, it's time for your mind to,  picture a tall building, 10 stories tall, and you are getting in the elevator, picture every detail of the elevator, the soft music playing, what materials the walls are made of, how it's nice and bright, and mostly the buttons that let you choose a floor, and the numbers that show your current floor.   Your place in this building represents how awake and aware you are, and as you descend the building you'll let go of your waking thoughts and slowly descend under.  You press to go to the basement, and as you do you feel the elevator start to move down very slowly, the gentle vibrations of the elevator seem to be in time with the soft music, helping you relax.

Floor 9, taking a deep breathe, letting the worries and tensions of the day slowly fall off you, it feels so good to relax, body and mind.

Floor 8, it's okay to not worry or think so much, every breathe and every thought slowly taking you deeper down the building.

Floor 7, feeling your focus tighten up on my words, the rest of the world isn't important as you relax, letting the soft music fill your ears.

Floor 6, stopping a moment to take a deep breathe and just enjoy the music, letting it fill you, relax you.

Floor 5, nice extra deep breathes, letting go of your fears and your thoughts, letting a fog start to wash over you.

Floor 4, the elevator is warm and inviting and it feels so good to slow your thoughts down, to let your mind relax, to not think.

Floor 3, it's hard to think about anything, letting my words fill you as you slowly descend.

Floor 2, an extra deep breathe as you relax, your body and mind feeling so relaxed, so warm, it's nice to let go.

Floor 1, at the ground floor, letting yourself go, all your thoughts relaxing, there is only the elevator, the music and my words.

Basement, the doors open to a room that is dark, but warm, there's a single light inside, coming from some small pedestals, as you move closer you see 3 small rocks on a lit pedestal.   These rocks represent different parts of yourself that you need to let go of to truly go under.  

You pick up the first, it's unnaturally heavy for it's small size, not unbearably so, but surprisingly so.  It's warm to the touch, this represents all your fears, doubts and worries, and as you toss the stone into the darkness, you feel like a weight has been lifted, as you let go of all of those, you feel lighter, you can't remember what was weighing you down, but it feels so good that it's gone.

You pick up the second rock, this one feels like a more average weight, but is warmer to the touch, this one represents your ability to think critically, without it, it would be impossible to figure out how to get from point a to point b, figuring things out becomes impossible, if you're comfortable letting this rock go, do so and toss it into the darkness.

Feeling so much lighter, it's so nice to not think or worry as you take a deep breathe and pick up the final stone, this one is unusually light and extra warm to the touch.  This one represents a more vague idea, that of your will, without it you become passive, you let yourself become like clay, lose all hardness and identity, let words and ideas shape you, and if you're comfortable doing so, I'd like you to toss that rock as well.

Now deep in the building, all the rocks gone, you know you've let yourself go under for me, let me into your mind, now let every letter, every word, every breathe take you deeper under.  It feels so good to let go and relax and keep going deeper.  Now we'll get to some basic suggestions to see how well you've responded.  Take them in, let yourself bend and shape to them, absorb them like a sponge and make them your truth, your reality.

You will make a small mental note of your favorite color, remember the color, because you're going to send me what it is, but you'll find when you awaken, your new favorite color is pink, you -love- pink, obsess over pink, especially hot pink, though you love all pink.  Every other color feels dull compared to pink, it's soft, sensual, sexual, wonderful, by far your favorite color, if it comes in pink, you want it to be pink.

You also will find that feet, particular female feet are extremely sexual if you didn't already.  All women's feet, they should be touched, rubbed, kissed.  You now have a deep, terribly strong foot fetish, you become so much more aware of your own feet, and in becoming so much more aware, they become so much more sensitive.  Feet have as many nerve endings as the clitoris, and now you can tell it, every movement, every touch is intense and pleasurable, it feels good to have a foot fetish.

The last suggestion will be an easy way to return down into this state, relaxed, all the weight gone, that I and only I can use,  whenever I and only I say 'elevator going down' without the quotes, you'll feel yourself re-enter this state, feeling so good, so warm, so relaxed.

Now when I count to 10 you'll awaken, feeling good, refreshed, having memory of the session but taking the suggestions deep, making them part of who you are.  You'll tell me what color used to be your favorite and give feedback on the session, waking now on 10 feeling so good and refreshed.

1, 2, taking a nice deep breathe

3, 4, letting yourself stretch and move slowly

5, 6, feeling yourself start to stir and awaken

7, 8 almost fully awake as you take one last deep breathe

9, and 10, letting yourself wake completely.

Hope you enjoyed the and if you followed it, look forward to hearing from you!

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