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I am a switch. I am very much a Daddy Dom, but for the right woman, I can be very submissive.
Male Switch, 45,  Phoenix, Arizona US

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I am a switch. I am very much a Daddy Dom, but for the right woman, I can be very submissive. I enjoy both roles, my interests can vary depending on who I am playing with.


I think any woman's sexiest feature is her brain. I do not have a type. Age, size, and other physical features are irrelevant if she knows how to use her mind as her primary sexual organ. I find "vanilla" people to be rather boring. I don't tend to get hung up on money, I live within my means and maintain a reasonably simplistic household, If keeping up with the Kardashians is your main goal, we probably won't click. I am divorced and somewhat guarded I am kind of an introvert, I tend to spend a lot of time in my own thoughts, I am my own best friend. I am ok being alone, but hate being lonely. I may not be the easiest person to talk to at first but once you get past the walls I have put up, you will find I have a heart of gold, and I am a very interesting and complex person. I am a free spirit and a free thinker. I am very GGG and very much subscribe to safe, sane and consensual for all play. I am looking to make friends and explore interests. I am always looking to learn more and try new things. I really enjoy any kind of power exchange play. I don't think anyone can jump head first and say they want an instant long term relationship. Hopefully by meeting people exploring kinks and just being me, maybe the trust and love needed for a LTR can hopefully develop.

I have a major diaper fetish. I love playing with diapers and have since I was a young child. I have lots of kink interests that continue to expand but my love for diapers will always be the center of my kink universe. I enjoy wet and messy diapers/panties but not really into other forms of toilet play. I respect all limits as to what is acceptable and not acceptable as far as usage goes. The smell of baby powder is a very powerful aphrodisiac to me. I enjoy the use of diapers for fun and nurturing to punishment and control. I think women wearing diapers or putting men in them are both incredibly sexy. This is not a 24/7 activity and not my entire life.

My most natural role, is the Daddy Dom I am firm but fair, I love funishment scenarios I consider myself a gentle sadist spankings will be felt for sure but I always have the best interest of my little girl at heart and would never harm anyone. I love to pamper and take care of sweet little girls, I have been told I am a big teddy bear. I love to cuddle and hold girls and just being there for them. If I am in a position responsible for actual discipline or punishment, they will be real, you can count on that. I love Daddy/daughter or Master/pet relationships. If I met the right person I could easily see myself in an Owner position but that would take a lot of time to develop the love and trust needed for that dynamic. Even at my Domliness I guess I am a little submissive as I want to make sure my girl is well taken care of and all her needs, physically, emotionally and financially are taken care of,that being said I still like to be in charge. I enjoy humiliation, but would never humiliate someone who didn't really want it. I like little princesses with every thing cute and pink but can also be a service disciplinarian. I have been known to top for sissies or very young acting boys, but my primary interest is women.


I have always enjoyed some switch play, but have recently discovered for the right person, I can be extremely submissive. I am not big on receiving pain, but when I am with a Domme that I care about I find myself willing and able to take a lot more than I ever thought I could, if I see she is getting pleasure from it. I do not submit just because someone claims to be a Domme but when a certain trust is there I have very few limits. I love Mommy Dommes but don't want to be a top from the bottom brat. If I agree to be a bottom for someone, she makes the rules. My sub side is very real, but probably harder to get to come out at first, but if you get into my head, I am a very obedient boy. I love being tied up and receiving sensory deprivation. I enjoy humiliation. I love giving massages. I have been told I have very strong powerful hands, and a talented tongue. For the right Domme I would worship her forever.

I am a fairly silly person with a good sense of humor. I am a fairly decent voice impressionist. I have a serious side too, I love history but hate politics. I love music more than tv.


I open to meeting and talking to people from anywhere. If a magic spark happened I would consider relocation but really am looking to meet fun and interesting people in and around Chicago. I want to play and love sex, but really want to get to know people on a deeper level too. I hope to get out more to various local events, and plan to be more active in discussions here. Please feel free to contact me if anything I wrote looks interesting.

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