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I have been dom for a bit but I will tell u more l
Male Dominant, 39,  Louisville , Kentucky US

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I have been dom for a bit but I will tell u more later

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1/3/2016 3:22:39 AM
Kinda funny most of us go through life looking for something that we think we deserve more than you think you need. But most of the time what we really need and what we really want are two different things. I really and won't a girl that into torture the crazier things in life. But it doesn't have to really be a girl it could be a boy as long as they are into torture and as long as they are willing to be tortured then anything can be fun.

6/25/2015 3:44:16 PM
Life always makes us think about things from our past and with those things comes the good and the bad and sometimes you don't know how we should feel or how we should react but I believe that everything from our past makes us who we are today no matter if they're strong weak sad happy workaholic or lately sometimes I think that we just need something can't fill the void with and then we have something is not enough to fill that void and then sometimes we have it and we don't know we have it or we I feel like we should have had it in I don't know like maybe it should have been there all along and sometimes nothing ever fill that void nothing ever makes up what we could have had what we lost what we wanted where we did what we could have done who should work but maybe this is just some random lane then maybe it means nothing maybe it's just b******* maybe it's just crazy but when all is said and done we all need something was just a little worried whether it's to make amends weather is to fix ourselves with her stuff if someone else we all need whatever

10/16/2014 7:12:46 AM
Talking with someone that I hope turns out to be the right one!!

6/13/2014 7:40:45 PM
I am starting to think if say u are sub/slave that unare full of shit because noone wants to talk and get to know each other and just meet and see if something can workout

6/2/2013 10:16:02 AM

funny how some people will call u fake and then just block u before u can say anything back to them here is the message I just got lol



too lazy TO PUT anything "meaningful" in yur profile - FLAKE !  bye fantasy-flake "wanna-bee" ! :(-

no sexual specifics or nothing ,,.... time-wastin flake !!!

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