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Gorean, Poly, and Pagan   I am not truly girl friend or wife material. I do have a BF w
Female Slave, 41,  Huntsville, Alabama US

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 46, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 175 lbs.
Location: Pensacola, Florida
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 Female Slave



 5' 4"

 220 lbs





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Dominant Male

Friends Only

Gorean, Poly, and Pagan


I am not truly girl friend or wife material. I do have a BF who is interested in learning BDSM. But is inexperienced and I am not equipped to train him in these things.



If you demand I only speak to you - you are wasting your time.


If you think I will do everything you ask and you know little to nothing about me - you are wasting your time.


If you demand I send you nude pictures - you are wasting your time.


If you expect me to relocate to you - you are wasting your time.


I have rushed into a collar before and was miserable. I WILL NOT do so again.


I am speaking to many people with the possibility of taking a collar.


I do not lie. I am not a child. I am not a wanna be, I just will not risk myself dealing with idiots.


I am a 41 yr old slave currently living just South of Huntsville. 



I am actively seeking friends, play mates, and in time (****this will take months**** those who got in n he front arent you special LOL) hopefully a Master.


I am 100%, I will not lie to you and I expect the same. One 'little' lie can ruin everything!


Please note: ****I am -a- slave, that does not mean I am -your- slave.****


While I greatly appreciate the dominant male I do not drop to my knees just because. 


I am a pagan, eclectic, solo practitioner.


I love animals - pretty much all of them.


I am a freelance photographer.


I am not willing to relocate.



Please get to know me before you proclaim yourself my Master or Dom. Do not demand I speak, video chat, or send nude pics to you.


If you want a girl who is just going to spice up your sex life, I am not it.



I discovered Gor in 89-90 when I was beginning high school. I went from the original 25 books to online, yes I was a bad ass back in the day with my very own computer and dial up! LOL Anyway, I went from there to online, learning more and meeting other Goreans from around the world. I ended up, after my first failed vanilla marriage, being trained in Detroit. 


I have been out of the life for some time (10+ years without being owned). I am NEW to BDSM.



Ideally what I am looking for : a Dominant male 38-55, in fair to good shape, I tend to only be attracted to white men, over 5'10", hair color, length doesnt really matter to me. I do prefer someone of the Pagan persuasion(can be wiccan, heathen, etc so on), and someone near the area I move to or willing to relocate.


I do wish to be shared, displayed, shown off as a slave (society be damned) I am poly.


I do wish for a Pagan master, while this is not necessary I do not intend to cease practicing.


Knowing of Gor is also a plus



I apologize to those Doms and Masters who are true....

I have had my time wasted time and time again. When I do tell them I am not interested (for whatever reason, usually I do not give one) I am berated, told I am not attractive, I should take what I can get, not a slave, etc etc. Well I am fucking tired of wasting my time. I am currently looking for a home so I am not always readily available at your beck and call. I also take care of 3 dogs, 4 birds and an elderly lady on top of my photography. If you dont understand something so very simple as that do not message me in hopes of being the ONE.


To those who have been patient with me and friendly even knowing it could not be... thank you from the bottom of my (possibly black) heart.

My current tattoos and piercings: 10 holes in my left ear, 2 in the right, left nostril, my lip was pierced twice but closed up, celtic knot on the back of my neck, nipples, navel, a dragon that goes from my left breast down my leg it will end at my foot, My son's names on each wrists, a pentagram and stars on my left hand, tribal wings that take up most of my back, bear paws up my spine, a tiger, wolf and bull on my lower back and a purple rose on my right thigh

I do have medical issues: mental - bi-polar, extreme anxety, PTSD

physical - migraines, degenerative disc disease, tendonitis, arthritis, bulging and herniated disks in my neck and back and fibromyalgia

If you read this far... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Most it seems do not bother to even look further than a picture. Now I enjoy seeing pictures of those I am talking to, I dont believe in hiding from society. This is me... 

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8/9/2017 6:59:39 AM

7/31/2017 10:46:28 PM
There comes a time in your life when you realize 'There are just going to be assholes in the world'. 
Why do people think it is alright to message another and act a fool?
"you are my slave now"
"I want to see you naked"
"hey you want to fuck?"
These are just a few examples of the crap that show up in inboxes. 
If I may be so bold as to suggest when inboxing someone you dont know you attempt to get to know that person. Especially when their profile says so much. 
If you wouldnt walk up to that same person at an even or munch and speak these words then STFU. 
Being this 'asshole' does not make you look dominant. It makes you look like a fool with no damn home training. 

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