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i've met my PRINCESS and i'm Hers to be used for Her amusement and how She sees fit. i will al
Male Submissive, 51,  BALTIMORE, Maryland US

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i've met my PRINCESS and i'm Hers to be used for Her amusement and how She sees fit. i will always strive to please my Princess and Her pleasure will be all that i desire. Soon She will own me and i will be under her lock and key.

Journal Entries:
9/20/2017 7:39:24 PM
i was nervous as all hell but i gave myself to you and i must say i really enjoyed it. my balls still hurt but in a good way. i'm sure i'll be nervous the next time also but i know i can trust you. The blindfold was great and i really liked not knowing what was going to happen. i loved kissing your toes and caressing  your legs and how you ended it with me sucking your toes again. If you asked what part i enjoyed most i would have to say all of it. The torture and pain with always a gentle caress. i simply loved it all. i also liked the way you laughed at my nervousness and said it was so cute.  i can't wait to see you again. You are one lovely lady.
Your Pet

9/9/2017 4:37:10 AM

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75% Pet
72% Slave
71% Submissive
70% Experimentalist
67% Voyeur
67% Exhibitionist
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65% Non-monogamist
64% Primal (Prey)
64% Masochist
63% Rope bunny
55% Sadist
54% Primal (Hunter)
53% Owner
52% Master/Mistress
51% Ageplayer
49% Brat
48% Switch
46% Rigger
42% Daddy/Mommy
42% Dominant
34% Vanilla
31% Degrader

9/8/2017 11:58:47 AM
The interests i would most like to explore are chastity, cbt and the adoration of my Mistress. Willing to purchase any devices or toys my Mistress would want for me.

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