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I tend to be submissive/switchish and eager to please, with a few limits that I know of at mom
Female Submissive, 30,  Lexington, Kentucky US

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Age: 51, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 176 lbs.
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I tend to be submissive/switchish and eager to please, with a few limits that I know of at moment. I am a little on the bigger side, and if you don't like it move on. I enjoy giving, light bondage, light choking, blindfolds, nibbling, for a start. I have a few hard limits, bodily functions (urine & feces), being degraded, blood, needles, animals, or anything involving children (which should be a given). I am not interested in meeting, just online chat, which means I'm not interested in 'breeding' with anyone so please don't ask. I'm not sure what all else to say, but please ask me anything. Thank you!

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12/7/2016 7:54:36 AM
== Results from == 91% Switch 87% Voyeur 87% Rope bunny 78% Non-monogamist 75% Submissive 66% Vanilla 65% Exhibitionist 56% Experimentalist 56% Rigger 43% Dominant 42% Primal (Prey) 36% Brat 24% Master/Mistress 23% Girl/Boy 22% Masochist 21% Ageplayer 20% Slave 19% Primal (Hunter) 16% Daddy/Mommy 13% Sadist 9% Brat tamer 8% Pet 4% Owner 3% Degradee 1% Degrader

11/9/2016 7:34:46 PM
I guess our tastes can evolve. == Results from == 85% Switch 80% Vanilla 74% Voyeur 73% Rope bunny 71% Submissive 64% Rigger 60% Experimentalist 58% Brat 57% Non-monogamist 49% Exhibitionist 48% Primal (Prey) 46% Girl/Boy 44% Dominant 40% Ageplayer 36% Daddy/Mommy 30% Master/Mistress 28% Primal (Hunter) 20% Brat tamer 14% Slave 14% Pet 10% Sadist 9% Owner 9% Masochist 1% Degradee 1% Degrader

8/28/2016 3:16:12 AM
Just another asshole being an ass, but he seriously pissed me off. It is not courteous enough to wait for a reply before blocking someone after sending a rude message. Something to the effect of how gross I looked and why didn't I just put a pic of my hemorrhoids on there. I'm learning to accept my body the way it is. I don't need someone being any more negative then I can be on myself. And I may be bigger, but I don't have hemorrhoids. So on that note, I love my breasts, ass and legs. I am working on my self esteem, and trying my best to get in shape. Being proud of yourself is extremely important.

7/28/2016 11:44:47 AM
Just to clarify, I am not pregnant in my profile pictures. I have had children, which is the wonderful cause for my tiger stripes and rounded belly. Yes I am currently putting in the effort to watch my calorie intake so I can be a healthier me. Please note I say healthier, I don't want to be model thin, I don't even want to be the weight that I'm 'supposed' to be for my height. I do however want to get back into a size 14 pair of jeans and be confident with my body again. Yes, I am breastfeeding one of my babies, but it's not helping me lose weight. So, any encouragement is welcome, but please keep your negativity to yourself. Ok rant over lol. Hope everyone has a good one!

11/20/2015 8:10:58 PM
Why is it people who send negative messages always get to me. Yes I know my body isn't perfect. Yes, it has stretch marks and extra pounds. However, if you don't like it, then don't look. Your opinion of me is irrelevant. So please, if you don't like what you see feel free to move on. My self esteem is fragile enough at the moment, but right now I'm proud of my body. I've carried a child within it, and am carrying another now. I am as healthy as I can be at the moment, I've even lost a few pounds this time around. So to those who have not had body issues, shut the fuck up and leave me alone about mine :)

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