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Bisexual Female Dominant
Age: 27, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Last on 11/16/17 at 4:31 AM

11/17Still very much leaning Domme lately.Seeking a baby boy or baby girl to cuddle and hold, and spank and mold. Don't waste my time if you're attached, or can't meet in person regularly.Not looking for a 24/7 toy. More like.. 20/5. I want someone normal enough we can go to dinner and drinks and talk. After I turn your ass a unique shade of red..I know, crazy.Message me. You never know. Look. I'm kinky, not a whore. I'm here because I'm single, and optimistic enough to think I'll find my prince(ess) charming who also will fuck me raw and do filthy things with me, while eventually having a family. No, I don't want to cyber, or relocate tomorrow. I'm successful, funny, kinda bitchy, and cute. Want more? Ask. I wish I knew exactly what I wanted. A partner. Or two. Love. Compassion. Passion. Lust. Trust. I enjoy BDSM. I enjoy pain. Pleasing. Spankings. Asphyxiation. A variety of other things. PS - If you like to kik, same user name. I'm looking for something more. Anyone know how to find it? I'm at a loss.
I hate that I miss you. 
11/16/17 at 4:31 AM

littlesub2001 - View Full Profile   View All Photos   Send Message

Bisexual Male Slave
Age: 49, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 210 lbs.
Location: Clearwater, Florida

Last on 11/16/17 at 4:32 AM

Hello to A/all!!    Please READ my Journal! my SRN is 431-132-469 and it is waiting to surrender to potential Owner of this slave.     it is a Lifestyle slave and therefore does not seek PRO or FINDomme Services in its search, as it is NOT a ATM. Thank You for the understanding in regards to this matter.     it is currently searching for The TRUE Master/Mistress to whom it may serve. it is hoping in time to become Owned 24/7,and also understands the only limits it should have are those put upon it by The One. and loving the feel of a 2-1/2' Thick Leather collar around its neck at all timesWhat does this slave have to offer?Total submission, Honor & respect and faithful devotion to The One.this soul to give which is based on trust and obedience at all times.To always be the first to help, and the last to ask for it,as well as doing the task assigned to it until The One is satisfied with its' performanceand has accomplished its' task regardless of how long it may take.And through specifically trained regime be able in time to anticipate The Ones' needs before He/She needs to inquire.And to listen intently to whatever is on The Ones' mind no matter the subject.To do whatever is necessary and accept all training that is required to perform at Peekperformance and reliability.Skills or other things it can do?Computer work, photography, Commercial Artvarious handyman traitsYard work, Housework, Laundryand some cooking, as well as other duties required of it through precise may seem shy at first, but with trust and time, it would like to grow and learn as a slave its' quests in the past and present , it has run into those few who had claimed to be serious about ownership of a slave, or were just plain questionable in their motives which have been scary and disheartening at times. so it apologizes now if it seems wary (lowers its' head)it does believe that all Dom/Dommes are superior in all things.and that this subject knows its' true place, which is under the watchful eye and a sternhand, for that is needed to teach and further its growth in its' new life.its' hope is to give The One somewhat of a good idea of what it has been seeking and if it pleases Whomever and likes what it has saidand would like to learn more, feel free to will write back promptlyThank You very much for allowing the use of Your time.Take Care and Be Safe,-littlesub
Beware of ladystef15. Colossal waste of time
11/16/17 at 4:30 AM

Succubusnymph - View Full Profile   View All Photos   Send Message

StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 22, Height: 5ft 5in (165 cm)
Location: London, UK

Last on 11/16/17 at 4:32 AM

 Not your Typical Superior Woman.  I am to be addressed as Goddess. I am not your typical 'domme' that seem to poison this site. There seem to be many individuals on this website that enjoy to abuse people's trust.  I love sissification, public humiliation, CBT, feminisation, forced bi, foot worship and domestic servitude. Do not take this as specific as I just love a submissive man who is committed to serve me. To break down a man is a hobby which I thoroughly enjoy. Please do read my journals to get an insight into the way my mind works, into the methods I use to entrap a submissive man. I dedicate a lot of my time into my journals, I do this so that you are able to understand me as a superior woman.     I love to demoralise and humiliate men but in contrast I also love to nurture men, I feel that a submissive needs to be cared for in order to develop. I use the strategy of tough love, if I might share one of my secrets. I will discipline my submissives and I will punish them but I will also show affection and love.      I do request an initial tribute. This is so that I am aware that you have a genuine desire to serve and worship. It is a known fact that you will more likely try harder if you have invested in something. This does not have to be a ridiculous payment, I do not expect you to pay for my phone bill nor do I expect you to think your money entitles you to sexual privileges. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do. There are as many time wasting submissives as there as Dommes, do not be offended if you tell me you cannot tribute and I refrain from speaking to you. Submission starts with devotion, respect and obedience at all times.  Submissive men see women as superior to them, I would like to think that you are as selective about which women you serve the same way I am selective as to who I choose to serve me. I am a woman who is comfortable assuming the role of a leader. Communication is an essential component to my relationships with my submissives, I intuitively understand the roots of my submissives desires without them having to spell it out to me.  I do not see submission confined to a dungeon or a play scene, submission begins within the human mind and you will prove this to me in your first message to me.  The first message you send me will reflect who you are a submissive, the way you write and the words you choose will allow me to make a first impression. This is why you should take pride in the way you present yourself, if you believe yourself to be worthy of me I expect you to show it in the best possible ways.  I love to see my submissives squirming, begging for permission to cum. My submissives understand their sexual gratification belongs to me. I am superior and I do not rely on any reassurance to realise this.  I also love sissies, I love to feminize my submissives and turn them into my dolls. I enjoy giving make-up lessons to my sissies and turn them into my clones, my alter egos if I say so myself.  I am intelligent, I love to read and debate. I also love to game on many different platforms, I love geeky submissives.  Trust is the key to maintaining a BDSM relationship.  I particularly enjoy Foot worship, CBT, Strap ons, Public humiliation, Cum denial, Chastity, Sissification, Sadistic tasks, Water sports, Degradation, Objectification and many more. I will become your addiction.  Yours,   Nymph x x  
Eye contact

So I was asked a very important question and it was one of those questions where the answer is almost war and peace so I thought what better way to answer it than to write a journal.

"Do I allow my submissive to make eye contact with me?" It's a very complicated question as I wanted to write so many different answers. I think eye contact is one of the most vital ways we as humans express ourselves when it comes to body language so it would be almost hard for me to say that I do not allow eye contact.

As a young woman growing up I found my eyes were one of my best features and when I concentrated on eye contact I found the conversation worked more to my benefit. The same way that dirty talk arouses many, eye contact does the same for me.

Many people find it hard to maintain eye contact and this can be due to a variety of reasons such as confidence. I am quite a confident person so I find myself using eye contact where ever I am.

Eye contact offers me instant access to a submissives mind and also his genitals, I like to stare intensely into the eyes of my submissive almost the same way a predator eyes their prey before pouncing. I aim to see his pupils dilate, his chest moving faster as the seconds turn into minutes and his shoulders getting stiff as he squirms with unease knowing that I am staring deep into his eyes. It is a fun game and one I didn't even realise that I played until I was asked this very question... 

I know that some superior women do not allow their submissives to make eye contact with them, they want them to really feel beneath them... I can see why not permitting eye contact would make a submissive feel somewhat degraded but it makes me wonder what connection can evolve between a superior and a submissive without it.

I want my submissive to only be looking at me, I want him to worship me and if he does not worship me first of all with his eyes how can I expect his body to follow? 

However, I do not expect a submissive to have the same eye contact with me as I have with him. For instance my eye contact with him will be as the predator like explained above, his eye contact with me should be as the prey. He should look at me in awe, admiration and maybe even nervously. 

I prefer to use eye contact restrictions as a punishment, making a submissive stand in the corner looking down at the floor or even telling him that he cannot look at me is a punishment in itself. I believe that it is important for a submissive to know that he is inferior but I believe that if a superior is confident enough to always ensure that her submissive is only looking her in the eye with his legs shaking and his nerves leaving him with nothing else to do... but stare back.

So yes, I do allow eye contact but so long as you are aware that eye contact is a privilege and only another method for me to really control you. 


11/16/17 at 4:27 AM

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