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Please do not send me a message until you've read all my profile.  What you read in this
Female Dominant, 40,   Conway, Arkansas US

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 Dominant Female



 5' 8"

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Submissive Male

Please do not send me a message until you've read all my profile.  What you read in this profile I mean - you will not be the exception and you will not change my mind.  Also if you are viewing my profile know that you will have to make the first move.  Because of all of my requirements I will view a profile to let someone know I am interested, but I expect him to contact me and address the issues I bring up in my profile. 

If you are truly a serious submissive man seeking a long term relationship who is willing to follow directions you will have no issue with me - my process is much like applying for a job with me as the boss.  When you get far enough into the process and earn my trust you will find that I am very giving in a relationship - but I have a process to determine who gets to that level.  There are dozens of you messaging me a week - I am not going to spend all my time catering to you.  Read my directions carefully - they are clear.  I'm tired of men who end up calling me a player because they lack the ability to read and or comprehend.  I remember when I first viewed some other dominant women's profiles that I was shocked and how direct and demanding some of them were - now I understand.  There are simply dozens of you for every one of us - unless I want to spend two hours a day talking to each of you (and I don't) - I need a streamlined process to determine compatibility.  If you want to have someone to chat with - I'm not the one.  If you are unsure if this is what you want - I'm not going to try to talk you into it.

When you write your message address the key points in my profile and confirm that you agree/understand with what I've said.  If you do not do this your message will be deleted.  If you me another message not addressing they key points you will be blocked.  At any time you do something that is rude, disrespectful or in bad taste I will block you.  And remember I'm not obligated to talk to you.  Get my attention and earn my response.

I am a Christian woman who doesn't fit neatly into any category, but for this type of site - dominant describes me most accurately.

I am not looking for a wimp or a guy who'd rather be a girl nor am I looking for a man who wants to sit at home not working (have been approached several times about a house husband).  I am also not looking for a play partner or someone to chat with.  I have real life friends and don't have the time to chat for the sake of chatting.   

What I am looking for is a Christian man with strong values and a strong sense of who he is in Christ who wants a woman who will stand up to him when needed.  I am looking for a family man who is looking to build a solid marriage first and then a family with children.

I am an effective disciplinarian, and I will bend you over and paddle your butt as needed.  On another note I will assign you extra chores, writing assignments or times in the corner - I'm not looking for someone who is fulfilling a spanking fetish or wants spanking games on his schedule.  I am looking for someone who craves discipline and knows he needs it to be the best he can be - not someone who is irresponsible and sees this as a way to avoid responsibility and personal accountability.

As far as being kinky - I am a newcomer to true kink, but I am willing to experiment within limits.  Obviously since I am dominant I am in control in the bedroom, but I want my mate to be happy and satisfied so I will keep his interests and wants in mind also.  Honestly though - men who say they want to submit and then spend all their time telling me what their needs/wants/demands are do not impress me.  I do not have sex outside of marriage AND I will not use a strap-on.  I will not have sex with anyone while they are cross dressing - any dressing up that you do will only be during role play sessions (after marriage).  It is very important to me that my man be a manly man (I wanted to say a real man, but I don't want to offend those who believe they are real men and wear pantyhose).

I understand if you are on this site that you are likely into and interested in kink.  I respect that and on a certain level have interest in that area also.  BUT I am talking about a real relationship within a real life and building a real family.  There will be days that our kink will not even have a place (I would like children soon) - if your sexual/kink desires mean more to you than what type of woman I am and what I offer in all areas of life - please do not contact me.  I am a woman of substance (and don't read that to mean money or material possessions - I'm talking about the kind of substance that really counts).  I have high standards and want a man that I can respect and admire 24/7 - any kink or discipline is secondary to that. 

I am not going to provide a picture at your request nor am I going to talk to you on the phone (outside of one short call made from a pay phone to confirm that I am a woman - for all of you who have been tricked by men pretending to be women).  I'm not ashamed of how I look nor will you be disappointed (unless you want someone who looks airbrushed), but I protect my true identity.  If what I look like means more to you than who I am and what you can learn by written communication - then I'm not the right one for you. 

If you are not comfortable meeting for your initial interview without viewing a picture I am not for you.  When I say I protect my identity I am serious.  It amazes me how many of you feel that you have to see a picture to trust someone when a pictures doesn't mean anything.  Talk to me and get some level of comfort - ask for a phone call to hear my voice one time to verify that I'm a woman (even though that can be faked it isn't as easy).  And go by your gut feeling.  I need a man who can sense who I am by our discussions and who is ready to take a risk, step out of his comfort zone and meet for an in person interview before getting full "dating" benefits - which include pictures, phone time and access to other "real" areas in my life.

If you are not comfortable with these guidelines do not contact me.  Don't feel that you sharing your picture with me obligates me to share mine with you - I would actually prefer a man who is more discrete since I don't want to be married to someone who has exposed himself (in all ways) publicly.  I also cannot move nor will I ever be able to relocate - this is not negotiable.  So if you cannot relocate please do not contact me.  

And please if you are a whiner please move on to someone else.  I've had my share of whiny men.  I have laid out very clearly what the guidelines are - if they offend you or put you in a situation where you are not comfortable - do not respond or send me a message.  That way we will have saved both of us a lot of time!  I fully respect that there are men who would not be comfortable with these guidelines - I'm not looking for the masses - I'm looking for that one special one who can tell from my profile and from talking to me that I am a woman worth putting extra effort into and taking a risk for. 

Finally - to let me know that you cared enough to read my entire profile and tried to follow directions - in your message mention that I like sunflowers.  Then address the big issues (such as sex before marriage, strapons, cross dressing, relocation, Christian (that you are one), not getting a picture and not talking to me on the phone etc).


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