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Cock Whore for my Master.  I am aspiring to be His cock whore slut.  I crave his c
Male Submissive, 52,  New Hampshire US

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Cock Whore for my Master.  I am aspiring to be His cock whore slut.  I crave his cock and need to serve it.  I crave the taste and smell.  Hearing him moan and call me his slut as i suck him makes my clitty so excited.  I am so honored to be on my knees in service to my Master.  The attention He gives me makes me all tingly and wet.  When He calls me SLUT WHORE or BITCH it excites me even more - makes me know i'm doing a good job pleasuring his wonderful cock

 He will make me get better, and I am proud to be His student.



Journal Entries:
11/19/2016 5:25:16 PM
After exchanging a few emails with Sir the other night, He ordered me to get on my knees and spread my sissy legs.  I was to lower myself until my small excuse for a cock hit the floor.  Then he had me scoot around the room - dragging my junk on the floor.  I felt dirty and WAS dirty.  There was some dust and dirt all over my cock and balls.  Just another in a long line of reasons for me to turn beet red.
As if that wasn't humiliating enough... I was then ordered to jerk off until i came on the floor.  I was so worked up there was no problem there.  Then the next step - i had to stay on my knees, lean all the way down, and lick my mess up off the floor.  Oddly enuf, i really wanted to do this JUST to please Him.

11/19/2016 5:15:53 PM
Yesterday I wore panties and pantyhose to work as ordered.  Sir also wanted me to edge a few times at work.  I managed once in the bathroom in the morning.  Second time was in a supply closet.  I locked the door behind me and stroked in the dark in my panties like a guilty slut.  The afternoon brought 2 sessions at my desk - being VERY careful to be sure i was alone.  I felt so darn and guilty n naughty stroking there again at work.  My panties had a stain when i got home from the precum that dribbled from this sissy each time.  DAMN i'm so horny again

11/17/2016 5:16:08 PM
Master has orddered me to wear only panties to my workplace now.  Today, my task was to go into the mens room and stroke til i came in my panties.  I was so afraid of other people hearing me jerk off.  I was going crazy, and finally came as instructed. I sat there for a few mins.  Pulled my panties up - smearing my cock and balls in my own sticky cum.  I licked and sucked the cum from my fingers and exited.  I was deathly afraid someone would notice the scent or stain the rest of the day.  But i had fun keeping my secret as i squirmed in my chair at the desk.  feeling my privates cemented to my panties.   YUMMMMM

10/27/2016 3:31:13 PM
After parting with my Dom, I have met some new friends here.

One in particular has had me wear my wifes panties and slap my sissy cock in sets of 10.  Saturday, I was told to spank it til I came in the panties.  I did this at home and was instructed to suck my cum out of them.  
I was then instructed to keep wearing the panties and repeat the process 2 more times.  I managed again at home.  I went to both the garage and the bathroom again.

 I was also told to spank my sissy cock during my little shopping trip.  I did this at Home Depot first, then At the grocery store - i went into the bathroom and locked the door so i could spank it in private.  WOW!  what fun.  I barely made it home to spank like a madman and clean my panties by mouth again.  I had to bring the panties in the shower with me to hand wash my stain out, and get them tucked back in the drawer before my wife noticed them missing.

For Sunday, I put the panties on again for  a quick picture.  I wore nothing but the panties, and had to use lipstick to write SISSY  on my belly.  I complied.  I was also so damn incredibly horny while doing this.  So excited and hoping to hell i didn't get caught

4/11/2016 6:01:43 PM
Tonight my Master ordered me to spank my sissy clit yet again, and to fuck my face with my dildo.  I took my toy to the bathroom and started the shower.  I gave my sissy clit 10 quick swats then started cleaning up.  
I lathered my hair with super sweet and feminine orange and honey shampoo.  Washed with a coconut soap. and rinsed under the luxuriously hot water.  Then, I sucked the head of my dildo and moved down the shaft.  I deep throated the whole thing dreaming of my Masters cock the whole time.  How i want to suck him til he cums down my throat  .  

Humbled Sissy

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