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  I am absolutely horrible at writing these things I'm a person who does much better actual
Male Dominant, 24,  New Mexico US

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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 26, Height: Under 5ft (152 cm), Weight: 96 lbs.
Location: Michigan
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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 18, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm), Weight: 120 lbs.
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I am absolutely horrible at writing these things I'm a person who does much better actually having a conversation so excuse how bad my bio is as its just to give a gist of who I am.

On the vanilla side my career is in finance but I spend most of my time working on a startup business. I love traveling and do it as much as possible.I am and have always been a huge reader and gamer.I'm very adventurous when it comes to trying new things and cuisines. Sports wise im a huge basketball fan. I love playing racquetball since my father and i have always had a huge rivalry against each other in that sport.I fluctuate weight from average build to fit often depending on if i have a gym partner or not.I never get very built and defined except for my abs so if your looking for the hulk thats not me haha.Basically that's a very brief synopsis but gives you an idea of who I am.

On the kink side I enjoy petplay, obedience training,orgasm control, leashes, and tit torture primarily but my interests range along a wide spectrum and I have my sadist tendencies as well.The submissives/slaves I would be interested in would be 18-30 healthy(std free),be intelligent and have a personality compatible with mine, and be able to relocate eventually.I have a preference for larger breasts but not a requirement.

If interested message me and ill get back to you. Also I have pictures, and webcam I just don't like posting pictures for privacy reasons. Just ask if you want to see what I look like.

Journal Entries:
3/30/2017 4:30:18 PM
Finally got my schedule ironed out and got in the habit of working out again and then injured my shoulder and cant step foot in a gym for at least two weeks :(.

2/13/2017 7:02:00 PM
So glad it's finally the weekend I did not get to sleep last two days because of work but now its time to just relax.

10/6/2016 9:52:06 AM
Visited the family this weekend and enjoyed one of our favorite past times touring some newly built homes. Got some great ideas for the home I'm looking to build and the prices were encouraging.

8/27/2016 12:17:59 PM
Had a great time visiting my former submissive but got to get back to paying the bills.

6/15/2016 1:31:50 PM
Finally back home after a very long trip..... My bed is definitely calling to me.

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