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“I am the most super duper uber Dom in the world, kneel before me. I am creepy and not i
Male Dominant, 27,  Albuquerque, New Mexico US

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 Dominant Male


 New Mexico

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“I am the most super duper uber Dom in the world, kneel before me. I am creepy and not in a good way. I don't want to learn anything about you, so lets meet up and play. You don't have a Dom/Master? Now you do. I will message you over and over until you even after you displayed no interest…” etc. Sounds like what you have seen coming into your inbox right? Well not me.


Labels don’t define me I’m not a "nice" guy, I’m not an asshole, I’ve evolved past those things. I am me, so you will have to get to know me more. I've been into the bdsm lifestyle actively since I was 18. I've been both a submissive and now I'm a dominant since I was 22 I'm now 29. I've had multiple submissives in the past and have trained many people into this lifestyle. I specialize in asphyxiation, bondage(rope, bondage tape, cuffs, plastic wrap). role play(teacher/student, master slave, boss secretary, incest, rape play, military to say a few), s&m play(hot wax, canes floggers, spanking, hair pulling, etc), orgasm control, humiliation, and sensory deprivation play, anal training(butt plugs, anal beads). So it gives you kind of the the idea of what I do. I'm strong and know how to put a submissive in her place. I'm more thatn the usual amounts of funny and fun so you better laugh =P. Overall I like to have fun.


Some things I enjoy. I like to learn as much as I can about science (all fields), law, and new ways to have fun. I like movies, food, sex hiking, camping, reading, writing when there is no writers block, video games, music (I love concerts), and swimming. As far as food goes, recently went vegan because of health and the animals, I have a lot of compassion. Despite that don't expect fore me to go light on you. I'm a huge nerd/geek so it would be cool if you were too =)

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