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Male Dominant, 46,  New orleans, Louisiana US

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 Dominant Male

 New orleans 


 6' 0"

 160 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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about me:

a traveler, a student, a child, a lost soul, a wanderer, a diabolical mind, a sinner, a saints fan, a mad man, a gentleman, a sadist, a teacher, a preacher, an innocent, a criminal, an abuse victim, a runaway, an adulterer, a pervert, a decent person, a decadent person, a deviant person, an average person, an intelligent person, an educated person, a caring person, a writer, a reader, a bad guy, a good guy, a nice guy, a reasonably rational insane man with persistant deviant behavior, a sick motherfucker, a twisted fuck, a tormentor of souls, and a lover of rock and roll and music in all it's forms, but most of all... a tortured soul that shall never rest, in this lifetime or the next, but wishes peace to you my fellow brothers and sisters. the lord gives us the flesh... and he taketh the flesh... what will you do with yours? inspectorclouseau may22,2010.

what i'm looking for:

new friends, new experiences, a woman who shares at least some of the same interests that i have for possible playmates or a relationship that envolves bdsm. i consider myself a top, so naturally i'm interested in a female that considers herself to be submissive. hopefully she will be naturally kinky and open minded, playful and willing to explore. i'm pretty open and i try to be considerate. i'm not into extremes and i fully believe in being safe, safe is a two way street. i guess you could say, i dream about meeting the nice kinky girl nextdoor and we explore from there...happily ever after? lol! well, i did say dream! so anyway, if this interests you, i interest you, or your just looking for new friends to talk with about "stuff", or just have a question, drop me some mail. oh yeah, and it'd be nice if your single too, but at least be upfront about it if your not! cool! later.


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