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Dom/Switch Couple, 60/60,  Florida US

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7/2/2017 3:42:46 AM
Rpita and I will consider healthy, reasonably fit females for this weekend in Gainesville area for her to exercise and fine tune her array of skills and talents as a Domme over other females. We seek a female, we prefer fit, healthy and Clean, we hate drama, we do not care for drunks and not fond of tobacco, you must be 18 or over, if you are still reading and interested we seek someone interested in being taken in hand by RPita and schooled in discipline, respect, obedience and punishment, then you might be someone we need to talk to. We aren't seeking online play partners, Real Time and we DO NOT play Alone. Prefer recent STD screening when possible, we are squeaky clean. We do not post photos publicly, we do not entertain at our home, we do not tolerate fools or Drama. and Lastly, this will not be a love connection, even if sex is involved you will be Her or Our Submissive or slave when together.
 We had taken an extended break, but are returning in hopes we find an intelligent female to inspire, our Limits include no Underage, no animals, no permanent damage, no unprotected sex, no illegal drugs or excessive drinking. We have time this weekend 8th-9th, perhaps meet over coffee at local coffee shop, then decide to move on or move along. If somehow there feels like chemistry for more say so after we spend time together, not before, we do not want desperate or pathetic, there is no such thing as instant submission, there will be no instant offers of collars, we are not amateurs those things are earned over time and not given away carelessly if ever as we truly prefer our lives together, but I believe my lady needs to release some stress that has built up and requires relief. Be honest, you need not show your face, address or phone as will meet in public I am 6' 175lbs she is 5'4 145 and amazing

12/12/2013 1:38:18 AM

Wishing the happiness Rpita and I share together to one and all


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