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Dom/Switch Couple, 60/60,  Florida US

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 Dom/Switch Couple




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10/11/2017 11:42:30 PM
Finally getting back on track after Hurricane and other things in life, but ready to begin talking and picking up where we left off

9/24/2017 4:11:12 AM
OK, honestly if you want a life where reality and expectation meet, with a sane couple that is experienced and patient, a couple with over 11 years together that aren't alcoholics or smokers, who aren't into sharing or whoring slaves, then maybe intelligent ownership appeals and we should talk.
 What we want, What we need, What we Require
   Honesty about everything, from marital status, Age, health issues to personal limits and expectations, if you lie to me, How can I ever be expected to inspire the best for all? That is something we Want.
  Someone willing to serve Dom Couple in Florida in real time, from domestic to sexual use living a structured life of service, that is something We need.
  What we require, someone who knows once ours, you will remain ours, someone willing to place Us before themselves and to serve loyally for the Structure, Discipline and Guidance you require to be best you can Be for Us.
 The Before You ask?  We have heard it all, nothing you want or ask for will shock us but as Dominants in control of our lives and future we make the rules.
 We have vanilla lives, relationships and responsibilities, we do not live online, so if it takes time responding online we apologize but I work 2 jobs and together launching new company soon beside her employment. So we are not looking for lazy as RPita and I agree whomever we select should be ready to contribute to household in some way whether in Domestic duties or working outside the home. Rare individuals might not need to do so but rather place all options on table. So Still reading huh, impressed, if still here in a moment then we do need to talk.
1st. We do not send advance money ever, come on, You have seen the people online and how trustworthy they are, how honest they can be. So don't ask or don't bother to reply at all if before your reply ends begging for money, if truly need a way here I will come get you, I don't give a fuck about I only have one thing a car and just send gas money crap, really a slave doesn't need a car, sell the motherfucker and fly, hop on first greyhound out of Dodge. Next if is you are NOT 18, Say Goodbye, although playing roles in erotic fantasies might be one thing we have ZERO interest in anyone not legally of Age, GOODBYE.. Finally I do wear Glasses but I am NOT Blind so be yourself and be honest, if photos are older say so, if gained some weight admit it, submission is more an result of trust honesty and respect then appearance although one should have some pride in how they present themselves.
 Quite a bit to digest, we have read every form letter, received every bogus reply and reason to send money you can imagine, don't bore us or waste our time sending what ends up in garbage. If you can't be honest about yourself we have no interest in you, so say goodbye to all men posing as women, if we wanted male, trans or other, that is what we would ask for, Sorry. And finally, if you believe for a moment that you will seduce her away from Me or Me away from Her you need to run as fast as you can away from Us. We are Ride and Die Partners for Life, we have been through hell together and emerged on the other side stronger and more committed then ever after life tested us in many ways, we seldom resort to anger but this is something that would inspire violence and removal from household.
 So sounds perfect doesn't it, serve two Dom individuals as domestic slave and Maid as well as serve as sexual toy for them both while be forced to live a structured life of protocols and discipline for a lifetime as Property. Oh that doesn't work for you, that's ok we weren't looking for You, but you over there still reading and finding idea of being made to do things forced to obey and serve a Demanding Honest Experienced Couple that tells it like it is, that doesn't spew insane amounts of filth and crazy demands for instant slavery then perhaps YOU yes You are the One we seek. You deserve better then the trash calling themselves Dominants here online, we know that, Stop wasting your time with drools and step up into reality of collarspace, It used to be much better, but now you have to search for honest Men and couples

9/17/2017 4:43:14 AM
We have safely weathered IRMA, working to catch up on clean-up at farm now power is back up, Hopefully boil water notices end today as well but otherwise OK. If we have been talking, this is why we haven't been in touch, we still have lots to do and may busier then normal in vanilla life but eventually we will catch up and appreciate your patience as we recover

 PS I can truthfull say if your fetish is manual labor I can offer 40 acres for hard labor here in Florida happily

12/12/2013 1:38:18 AM

Wishing the happiness Rpita and I share together to one and all


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