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  Greetings and thank you for visiting!  I think that everyone on this site is look
Male Submissive, 50,  Rhode Island US

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 Submissive Male

 Rhode Island

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Dominant Female


Greetings and thank you for visiting!  I think that everyone on this site is looking for a connection of some sort, except the scammers and trolls.  Here you will find an ideation of myself as well as what I seek on an intimate level.  Feel free to say hello, I don't bite, only if you want me to.


With that said, I like to think of my personality as somewhere between intra and extraverted.  In public and in the workforce I can be somewhat extraverted, but underlying in my private life I crave to be a controlled in a FLR.  I try to practice a holistic lifestyle in mind, body and spirit.  I enjoy cooking, eating healthy and I can be a foodie at times.  I like to go for walks, swim, look at the ocean, garden, meditate and do light meaningful exercise such as yoga or stretching.

Physically, I am lean, toned, have a nice complexion, a full head of hair that is just beginning to show some gray strands here and there.  I have a nice smile and enjoy joking around.  Most people take life a bit too seriously especially some of the people on this site.  I find humor, a quiet mind and focused attitude really make a well rounded submissive for that special Dominant woman.  

I have a very vivid imagination and like to put this to good use in designing BDSM role-play scenarios and ways to please my Goddess! I would like to find the same in someone where we can talk at a coffee shop and bring our note books and design a brilliant scenario together.  This is the kind of person I crave to be with. 

I am well read, intelligent, articulate and have excellent communication skills.  I am well liked by most all that I meet and easily mingle with people.  Outside of my normal day, I like my personal quiet time to be creative, read or write.

I would like to be that person who you can tie-up and discipline at your whim or leave bound to the bed at night where my only role is pleasing you.  I would also like to be bound and on display for your pleasure.  I like to dress up in sexy clothing where some parts of my flesh are exposed, i.e. clothing that has rips or tears in them or jeans that are tight and low-rise and show a glimpse of my stomach.  Basically, normal clothing with a twist that my Mistress alters to her whim. I can go into more detail if that intrigues you.   


I am seeking a diamond in the rough, who see's herself involved with a outwardly vanilla appearance but who can be in charge behind closed doors. Being in charge casually or secretively in public would be of interest to me as well.  I love the thought of a woman who truly enjoys bondage in all of its forms as well as a male servicing her every need.  I like to think of this lifestyle as artful, not dark.  I like to think of myself at the whim of the Dominant female who uses as many styles of dominance to her advantage such as the art of bondage, sensual torture, discipline and humiliation. 


I do have some "mystery" kinks that I'd love to explore with the right person; the clue is in my main character picture...... can you figure it out?







WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects or personal use, you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile information or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you do it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal actions!

Journal Entries:
9/26/2015 5:05:14 AM
Today is cleaning day and you thrive on seeing me do things wearing my slave clothes as You've determined.  You've already put them out on the bed for me to wear....... thong, collar, cock ring, jeans and one of my t-shirts that you've cut off on the bottom.... You've been doing this to a lot of my shirts lately and it seems that I'm running out of normal shirts to wear......  I put on my cleaning clothes and my cock seems to be bulging out with the cock ring tightly in place.... my shirt is really short this time and it shows at least 4 inches of my stomach.......  Each time I dress for you I am routinely inspected for stomach exposure, as I must be showing my belly to you at all times when we are inside the house.  This time you add a single nipple clip to my belly button with a chain dangling down......."complete" you say with an evil grin..... "now slave lets get to cleaning, you know I enjoy looking at your body as you serve me..." ;) melt!

9/26/2015 3:50:00 AM
I get a text from you that reads - "meet me for coffee today at 3:00 - Starbucks.  I want you to be wearing a pair of tight low rise jeans, a black thong underneath and I'd like to see you in a cropped shirt.  Make sure I can see at least 2 inches of your stomach and make sure you have your jacket unzipped for me....  Oh I may need you to remove your jacket for me when we are having our coffee ;)"  I melt!

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