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  ** I am a Professional Dominatrix ** Ways to contact me: Kik: Bowtoandie Discor
Female Dominant, 29,  McComb , Mississippi US

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A Poly Household


** I am a Professional Dominatrix **

Ways to contact me:




**Slave applications ARE open!**

No one said things would be easy for you or that you were meant to go through this all as a loved person. The simple truth is, you are not. You are an object for me to use. I love what I do, I love BDSM and I love being a Mistress.

You as my slave will give me three things: Honesty, loyalty and submission. To break them down...

Honesty: I don't want lies or bullshit. People are born slaves or they are not. Either they want to be a worthless piece of shit, or a cum guzzling whore or whatever they have in their fantasy, or they don't. I can NOT force you to be something you are not willing to be.

Loyalty: Not that I really need to explain this one. But to put simply, I don't share my toys. If you are owned or need to be owned by many a Mistress I am seriously NOT for you. I don't poach.

Submission: Your undivided attention and will to want to please me. I know this all takes time. A collar is earned not granted at first sight.

Master all three of my requests and you can proceed with wanting to have me as your Domina. 

Sissies, pain whores, door mats, babies, anal abuse, CBT, ect. I love.


Drugs (Not weed), animals, kids, hoods, breath play

Journal Entries:
5/6/2017 4:17:34 PM
Why yes, I am taking applications for new slaves! Local or long distance! 

4/28/2017 3:41:33 PM
This is so funny, I got my new tablet today, been downloading shit into it since I have some extra awesome storage now, and guess what? I can't get Alexa to work. Even with the app store download. What kinda crock of shit is that? LOL!! I was looking forward to trying that out and no matter what all directions I follow it's just not happening. I'm a sad panda.

Least I have happy bay and my old nintendo games to keep me company while "alexa" figures her shit out. Bahaha

In other news, I can cam verify now, least I'm pretty sure I can now. My old tablet wouldn't let me and this one is totes updated. 

4/27/2017 7:44:53 PM
I guess for now my profile is alright, it's not perfect but I am sick of fucking with the errors. I was able to finish some of it on my tablet. So at least there was that. Come on Collarme, get it together! Lol. 

4/27/2017 4:43:57 PM
Anyone else getting that fucking annoying profile was placed error? I can't finish updating my profile and it's pissing me off!

4/26/2017 2:12:30 PM
Totes getting drunk tonight, if anyone wants to session I'll probably be extra cunty. :D

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