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Please read my profile before contacting me - it will answer so many questions and save both o
Female Dominant, 43,  Arkansas US

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Please read my profile before contacting me - it will answer so many questions and save both of us a lot of time; if the saving time doesn't interest you that is the first clue that we are not compatible.


I am a single, straight Dominant woman.  I will only have sex when I am married and with the MAN I am married to (in case you didn't catch the straight deion earlier).


I will work with women or men - I am looking for people to put people power (most people would use man power) to my dreams and aspirations.  You need to be a motivated individual who is not afraid to work and wants to make a difference but have no particular aspirations of your own - your goal is to find someone to serve. 


You don't have any particular requirements of the person you serve (you aren't going to tell me I have to let you live with me, keep you locked in a cage, etc etc), but you do want to serve someone who is actually doing something in this life to make a positive impact on the world.  At the end of your life (and at periodic intervals along the way) when you see what I accomplish you will feel great pride and satisfaction in knowing that your service made me able to accomplish more and make more of a difference (I will make a difference with or without you).


You will be a Christian and want to serve God.  You will wonder why you are even on this website, and you will have serious doubts that you can find what you are looking for; but you keep coming back even though you think it is like "looking for a needle in a haystack" - a seemingly impossible task and one that requires great effort, but you want something so much that you will work for it.


You will not want to talk about your penis, your vagina, your sex life, your sexual fantasies, your worthlessness (because you will believe you have something of value to offer) or wanting pictures or to chat on another website (or on this one for that matter).


You will have the competence to both read what I have written and write something at least as intelligent in reply.  You will know that I am busy and that you need to do something to grab my attention.  You will be planning your trip to Arkansas before I even respond, because you will feel that I am the one who can change your life.


I am strict, I am serious, I work hard when it is time to work, I understand there is a time to play (and sex will only be part of that play if we are married), and I understand that you will need training.  The only slave who will ever live with me will be the one I choose to marry and that will only happen after marriage.

Journal Entries:
1/15/2017 4:30:06 AM
So someone sent me a message telling me to read his long and involved profile (he has done this several times and under dozens of different profiles). If he had bothered to read my profile I don't allow live-in unless I marry the slave (which means no one starts out that way).  I respond to his message with "I don't seek live-in" and just hope he will realize he should quit messaging me when he seeks what I don't offer.

His response was to tell me that I will never find my needle either and to point out how long I have been looking (which since I seek multiple slaves  and keep my personal business personal I am not sure he kno what I have or have not found while on here.

So I message him back to tell him if it was easy to find what I seek I wouldn't have compared it to finding a needle in the haystack.  And if I wanted to have someone who cared more about what he wants than what I want I would have named myself prickhunter and yes that would be easier to find.

My values and my search are clearly shared in my profile - if you are a prick I am not interested (available a dime a dozen and plentiful).  My life is awesome whether I find a needle on this site or not.  

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