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'As our relationship grows your breasts will swell; you will be nourished with love and I with
Male Dominant, 40,  DC, Washington D.C. US

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 Dominant Male


 Washington D.C.

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Submissive Female

"As our relationship grows your breasts will swell; you will be nourished with love and I with milk..."


I'm looking for a hucow. This is a woman who will be milked like a cow. You needn't have any previous experience, or even big breasts, but you must have an enormous heart and an unstoppable capacity to please and provide for the man who cares for you.


A hucow relationship begins with love and respect. At your first milking you will be undressed, and then cleaned and groomed like a prize animal. You will wear a ball gag so you are free from the pressure of speech, and you will be restrained at your milking stand so you can relax and let go of control. And then you will be massaged. Once that is complete your breasts will be addressed, each squeezed in a steady rhythm. Slapping may also be used to stimulate them. You will find the steady rhythmic hand milking to be quite pleasant.


This will be a regularly scheduled process which will allow your breasts to grow and nipples to expand. Like buds of a rose they will begin to blossom beyond your wildest dreams. This will be enhanced with herbal solutions. Eventually you'll have enough growth to start using the milking machine and begin lactation.


Being a hucow is not easy. You will have a regular milking schedule long before you have any milk. Your breasts will ache from the milking and your nipples may be sore or swollen. You will also need to be milked on schedule to relieve the swelling and aching. But in your milking stand you will be content, pleasing your owner, and being admired by him for your willingness to produce, while the steady dull aching fullness is milked away.


Once your milk comes in you'll find that there is no sensation like the release of milk from your breasts, except perhaps the simultaneous exploration of your body by your milkman, who has become your sexual explorer, too. (Many things happen to cows in the barn which they can never tell aloud.) You will be praised for your production and stroked, massaged, and groomed fastidiously. A producing hucow is a prize to loved and honored. A milk man cannot help but love his hucow, and there is nothing like looking into the eyes of your owner as he admires the nourishment that flows from your breasts, and enjoys the rest of your body, too.


Over time your breasts will grow large and swollen and become udders. Your nipples will grow long and sensitive and spout milk. Eventually you will produce copious quantities of milk for my use. You will be my hucow.


* * * * *


If you are interested please send a note. I will be able to provide room and board once you prove your commitment to the process. You must of course be willing to commit your body to the changes I described, and your heart to the relationship it involves. It is also natural that we will have sex during your milkings so this will not be a platonic affair. If you are fertile you will also eventually be bred by me and possibly studded out to others depending on demand. Br&eding is a very healthy extension of milking but won't even be considered until long after you've become an established, producing hucow.


Inquire within!

Journal Entries:
6/30/2017 6:30:58 PM

Daddy’s Little Girls

Every woman has a father. He may have been soft-spoken or violent, absent, unknown, or there for her every day. But there is no question that every woman has a father, and thus every hucow and potential hucow does, too. Learning about your hucow’s father, and understanding her complex emotions toward him, can unlock a treasure trove of reserved sexuality that greatly enhances the quality of your sexual experience, and perhaps ultimately her milk production. Let’s consider a few cases that I was involved with personally.


Judy is someone I met on this forum years ago. She had a small profile and introduced herself meekly with a simple, “Hi.” Our conversations were one-sided in which I did 98% of the talking. Judy was chubby and plain and 26 years old. The one thing she mentioned that was not plain vanilla was her enjoyment of anal toys. After months of online chatting she eventually agreed to meet. We had a very awkward dinner in which I again did most of the talking, followed by a movie. At the end I was ready to give up on this “relationship” but throughout the evening she seemed to have warmed up and now she was eager for me to come back to her apartment home. The puzzling thing about Judy, beyond her behavior, was that she seemed to have a very nice apartment and her father was always over helping her renovate it, but she had no apparent job or income source. What I figured out through our sporadic conversations over several months was that her dad supported her financially. When I got to her apartment what I also discovered was the degree to which he supported her emotionally. There were father-daughter pictures throughout the apartment and many of his items left around. I became concerned that he might actually return to the apartment during the evening leading to some type of confrontation but Judy assured me that was not the case. Previously she had said very little about him and talked around the issue, but now she wanted me to know about her relationship. At a younger age I might simply have left but now I was interested in exploring and so I stuck it out. After “touring” the apartment she got around to showing me some of her toys, and how she liked them to be used. What became very clear was that her father was the one using them on her and she wanted me to know this and accept it.

I am sure that at this point many people would be very critical, or would have encouraged her to “seek help”, or would have run away as fast as possible. All of these seem like legitimate responses. But I felt that I was perhaps the first man that Judy had gained enough trust in outside her father to share her experience with and I didn’t want to throw that away. I also did not want her to feel like a “victim” as she seemed to be genuinely okay with her situation as an adult even if it may have caused her a great deal of pain as well. At the same time I didn’t want to get more involved b/c I felt like there would be some fairly traumatic transition at some point and she simply wasn’t satisfying enough for me to make that kind of effort. So that evening we mostly just talked and she shared with me specific activities she enjoyed and seemed to be quite turned on talking about them with me. This was my first realization about the intense connections that could evolve between fathers and daughters and the need for women in these situations to share them in some way in order to expand their sexuality.


I met Jee a couple years before Jody in Chinatown. Ironically Jee was actually Chinese, on a student visa from China, something I didn’t expect in Chinatown for some reason. She was attractive and slim and 30 years old and had several masters degrees completed or in-progress. After getting to know her and setting aside some reservations about her student visa status, I let her move into my apartment. This is when the odd behaviors began.

In a professional setting, Jee seemed like a polished academic and attorney fluent in Mandarin and English and I was attracted to her poise as much as her physique. But once she was alone with me she seemed to “revert” to childish behavior. And by this I mean talking and acting like a six year old child, albeit one who enjoyed a lot of sex. I did not have any experience with “littles” then so I set about trying to learn more about her. In the meantime she had a thesis that needed completion but she seemed to give it less and less attention.

After some research I concluded that Jee had some characteristics of borderline personality disorder in the way that her personality shifted quickly behind closed doors, and her sensitivity to even the slightest criticism which could leave her sulking for days. I also came to learn about “domestic discipline” and the emotional benefits of regular spanking to release pent-up frustrations. So I began to tease Jee that maybe what she needed was a good spanking if she didn’t get her work done. She laughed but seemed surprisingly amenable. After several weeks of threats to discipline her I finally sat her down and made clear that I was serious, and explained that if she agreed I would indeed spank her soon, perhaps as early as Friday after work. I told her it would be a “serious” spanking designed to flush-out some emotions held inside and clear her mind so she could finish her work. I also advised her that she might be too sore to sit down for several days. She still said okay.

On the day of the big spanking I was actually pretty nervous but I compensated by being a bit louder and more cocky than usual. I came by for a surprise “work check” at lunch and found that she was browsing shoes instead of her thesis and so rather than waiting for that evening I decided to surprise her and spank her right then during lunch. Angrily I turned off the monitor, grabbed her by the hair, and hauled her over to the bed where I demanded that she pull down her pants and panties. She was indeed surprised but also cognizant of our arrangement and compliant. I then instructed her to reach out and hold onto the mattress while widening her stance so that her pussy lips showed between her thighs. She did as told. And then with one hand on the back of her neck holding her face into a pillow I began spanking her bare bottom with my bare hand. The smacks were loud and actually made my hand hurt. But I resolved to continue and see it “all the way through.”

I won’t elaborate on every blow, but what happened was not what I expected. After some time during which she seemed to think we were playing, she started to grow more serious and then ask when we would be done. I told her it was up to me but this was for her own good, and given how long we’d put it off it would continue for quite awhile. She then began to sob. I was prepared for that, and when the sobs got serious I paused and let her climb up on the bed to rest. I actually got her a tissue and talked to her gently for a bit, but explained that we were not through and still needed to finish. After she nodded understanding I then spread her legs on the bed where she was now lying and proceeded to use a leather belt for the second portion, threatening to attend to her genitals as well as her buttocks if she resisted. But she didn’t. In fact, she seemed to be dead. After a few minutes I stopped and tried to get a response and got none. Panicked, I put away the belt and tried to shake her and still got no response. She lay limp. Had I killed my girlfriend somehow? I felt a wave of horror and remorse as I felt for her pulse.

To make a long story short, she eventually stopped playing dead and reluctantly got out of bed. She got dressed and left the apartment and didn’t return for hours. Meantime I swore to myself that I would never spank her again. When she finally returned we had make-up sex that was fantastic and she started telling me about things she’d not mentioned before. As a child of six she’d been left with some relatives while her parents went to the city for the summer to work. The relatives beat her and kept her in an attic, apparently not uncommon in rural China. The spanking brought back a flood of bad memories for her. I also realized that the childish behavior was perhaps her inner child feeling comfortable being around me and basking in the affection I gave her. She also told me that she felt much better now and she went on to finish up her thesis very successfully. As it happens, I never spanked her again even though I think she would have been okay with it b/c I had experienced too much of an emotional shock myself when I thought she was dead. What I realized though was that she benefited greatly from the combination of “fatherly love” I provided as well as some “fatherly discipline” on occasion. I don’t know what happened to Jee after she returned to China but I hope that she found a man to provide both of these things.


Jenna was a Korean-American woman I met in Virginia who was about 30. She was slim and stylish and had short hair and also liked to smoke. I found her at a meetup and since she seemed to like me so I invited her out on some dates. She was cool and casual and uncommitted and seemed not to be living up to her potential. She was quite willing to have sex but always seemed to be “performing” as opposed to “enjoying” it. At some point we started to discuss it and I learned that she was a control freak. She had a great deal of fear of being out of control. I also learned that her father was an alcoholic who would beat the family on occasion and do a lot of yelling. This seemed to have turned her into a “people pleaser” afraid of conflict. I decided to turn things around.

One day when she was at my apartment and we were fooling around i decided to test my theory out. While she was still in her bra and jeans I got a pair of handcuffs and playfully fastened her wrists to a water pipe on the wall above the sofa. In hindsight this was not a good idea as it was connected to the sprinkler system, but fortunately it did work out. This got me more turned on than usual and I took off my pants and forced myself on her for some oral sex which she was more than happy to provide. After a few minutes of that I then searched my apartment for a roll of duct tape, which I tore off and taped across her face while still standing there with an erection in the middle of the living room. Then I proceed to accuse her of various things, becoming loud and “violent”, throwing some pillows around and even smacking her a couple of times lightly on the cheeks. By the time I got her jeans off she was wet like I hadn’t seen her before and I quickly entered and came in her pussy. After I finished and withdrew I went off to shower leaving her there “unsatisfied” (she hadn’t come) and still fastened in place. When I returned a few minutes later from my shower I ripped the tape off her face and undid the handcuffs. She seemed incredibly embarrassed and shy and quickly went and took her own much longer shower and afterward confessed she had given herself several orgasms. This was the first time she actually played with herself. She admitted that being restrained was exciting and felt that she might come when I “forced” myself on her, something she never usually felt. That I had simply left her there when done also someone excited her as she felt no need to please me and indeed could not, which was the point of the exercise. I was simply “using” her which let her be much more passive and satisfied.


So, my conclusion from interacting with these three women was that “daddy issues” are much more prevalent than we men may think, and are kind of the third rail of sexuality for a lot of women. A lot can probably go wrong in this area, but if you are bold enough to venture in the energy it can release is unreal. Imagine what would happen if you brought this kind of play into your hucow situation!

3/29/2017 7:00:53 PM

Great, you’re back. I thought I might see you again…


I'd like to really focus on the breasts this time. Please go ahead and get undressed in the bathroom and I’ll be right in. No need for the enema today as we won’t play with electricity. Just get undressed and sit on the toilet for me. You can do a one or a two if you need to and then just wait for me. And I’ll see you in just a minute.


Knock, knock — Okay, hey, looking good. You look great, really great. It’s been awhile, though, so we’ll start slowly. Beginning with a bath to really relax your body tissues because they are going to get a workout. These are magnesium salts I’m putting in the tub and — ah, it’s tight, but there we go — the tap is open. I also added some fragrance which will make you more relaxed. While the tub is filling let me explain how today will go. I’d also like you to drink this cup of tea I prepared. Sip it slowly, it’s piping hot!


Alright so the goal for today is to really start to stretch those breasts. Firm muscle tone is fine for some but we are interested in maximizing volume. The more they stretch the more milk they can hold. Plus they simply look better. I’m frankly not interested in perky little baby boobs. Those are fine on fifteen-year olds but we are adults here. Only mature, soft, sagging milk sacks will do and even those must eventually turn into udders. Getting there though requires breaking down the muscle fibers and tissues so there is more room for the milk. 


Let's give the tub a couple more minutes to fill…


So after the bath we’ll start with a warm iron. It actually feels quite good. With your breasts laid out on the ironing board in front of the chair you’re strapped into I’ll work the iron up one side and down the other in steady smooth strokes. It probably seems silly to sit in the middle of the living room, buck naked, with your ankles strapped to the chair, and your wrists fastened behind you while your breasts are fastidiously ironed by a gentleman in a suit and tie (Hermes, by the way)— but, that is exactly what you signed up for. So I guess it’s your fault you’re here so go ahead and blame yourself if you want to. Meantime, I will take the jacket off once we get going, and roll up my sleeves and get to work.


After you are nicely warmed up we’ll move on to kneading. Using both hands I’ll firmly grip your breast at the base and squeeze for about three seconds. Then release. Then squeeze again. And release. After several repetitions I’ll move down an inch or so and repeat. The pressure will be enough that you’ll feel a bit queasy, a groan may escape your lips, some people say they feel it in the pit of their stomach, but it’s really nothing more than a dull ache in the breast itself. I’ll work the breast all the way down to the areola but for this exercise we won’t touch the sensitive nerve endings. Not yet. Once the first one is done I’ll repeat on the second. After both are worked through once I’ll rub a menthol into them as well. It will sting a bit but it’s very good to drive blood flow.


And it looks like the tub is getting full enough to get in. Why don’t you go ahead and step in while it fills the rest of the way up — here, let me hold your hand so you don’t slip, you seem a bit unsteady. It should be warm but not too hot, maybe the steam in here is making you dizzy. So just go ahead and sink into the warm water, and I’ll take that empty tea cup from you. Just lean back and rest your head and relax as the warm water rises around you...


Okay, so after the kneading things get a little more intense. We’ll go into the kitchen and sit you on the stool at the butcher block countertop. Then we’ll get out the rolling pin. Another tool like the iron that I never used for it’s real purpose, but have found more than helpful in the development of human cows. Again we’ll fasten you in place to the stool so you don’t squirm, but now we’ll also get the ball gag fitted. And then begin. First one breast, and then the other. Initially I’ll just lean into it a bit and roll the breast all the way out, avoiding any pressure on the areolas or nipples which could be damaged by crushing. A long, smooth roll on the right side. Repeat several times. And then again on the left side. Now we’ll put some talcum powder on the breasts and roll them again, this time with some more pressure. Breath in — and exhale as I roll your breast out. Good. And again. And again. Breath in — and roll the other one out. And again, and again.


Nice! You're doing well. But now is where it gets a little rough. And since you’re sitting on a $1500 silk and leather stool I’m going to need to take some precautions. Forgive me while I pull on a fresh pair of latex gloves and lubricate this small tube. You may recall it from last time. I didn’t really tell you how it worked last time. Basically with two fingers I open up your pussy just enough to expose the urethra. And then with the other hand I slip in the lubricated end. Feel that pinch? That is the tube sliding past your first set of sphincters. And feel that second one? That’s where it enters the bladder. And feel that relaxing flow? That is the tea I gave you earlier flowing out and into the jar below. But I’m going to pull it back out so the tube sits just outside the bladder so the flow goes only if you let it go. And to hold it in place I just push this fat rubber stopper around the tube and push it up in place inside you. Now I squeeze the bulb and it inflates. Feel some pressure inside? And one more pump and you are good to go with a nice round rubber ball giving you that full feeling inside.


Alright, let’s turn off the tub and let you soak while I detail the last part of this. This is really where the work gets done. And it’s not pleasant. But it is essential. We’ll get out the large wooden cutting board which fits into the butcher block counter top. Don’t worry, we’re not cutting anything today! And lay each breast out nicely. Next we’ll take some alcohol swabs and carefully clean both nipples and areolas. And now, with your right breast stretched out we’ll place the nipple against the board, take this long sterilized needle, and press it straight through the nipple, then tap it twice with a small hammer and, tada, it is pinned in place right into the cutting board on the butcher block counter top. The same exercise on the left breast. Stretch it out, press the nipple to the board, firmly press the pin through the nipple, and tap firmly twice to pin it in place.


Now, I know, you’re thinking that is crazy and maybe you need to get out of the tub before any of this happens for real! But, as you may notice, you cannot actually get out of the tub b/c the tea has temporarily impaired your movement. Only voluntary muscles are affected. You can breath just fine. You just can’t get out of the tub. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t slip under the water until everything wears off in fifteen minutes or so. The purpose of the tea is actually to loosen your muscles so the breasts can be stretched better, but initially you get a temporary paralysis. In any case, regarding the pins, they actually go in quite cleanly without any blood, and I’m told the pain is very brief. After that, it actually feels pleasurable, like constant stimulation of the nerve endings. The weird thing is of course that your breasts are stretched out and pinned to the counter in front of you and you can't move, but that is necessary because of what comes next. With the rolling pin at the base of your breast, I lean into it fully and iron it out like a pancake. That tinkling sound is your pee going into the bottle b/c your bladder spasms in response to such intense pain. I’m actually going to do this one quickly because in a minute or two you may vomit or pass out. So once more on the right, full force, your breast squashing beneath the rolling pin. And now the other one. One full press roll. And another. And let me quickly pull out the ball gag and hold your head forward over a garbage can for a minute in case you need to vomit.


So that’s pretty much what will happen. Actually, to be honest, after a few minutes if you don’t pass out or get sick or after you do and you're okay again, I’ll also use the rolling pin to beat your breasts. A solid whack, whack, whack on the left. And again on the right. You will close your eyes, I'll count to three, and on two -- whack. Or sometimes four. Really, you don't want to know when it's coming because it's so bad. Some can take more abuse then others and we just have to play it by ear. But soon enough it will all be over. Then we’ll quickly unpin your nipples, smoothly withdraw the pins, swab again with alcohol to clean them up, and pack your breasts in ice buckets for twenty minutes to minimize swelling while you rationalize to yourself why you decided to do this. And that will be it for the day.


Okay? Well, I guess you still can’t speak or move at the moment so I don’t know if that is a yes or no, so we’ll just presume it is a yes. Meanwhile I am going to play with these lovely ur-udders for a bit while you soak and get your muscle control back (at least enough to wobble out of the tub), and then we will proceed. You are actually drooling a bit, that is normal, can’t swallow right now, but it nicely foreshadows how you’ll be one day in your stall, gagged and helpless, waiting for your udders to be pumped, long beyond any notions of consent, just kind of existing to be used for milk and pleasure.

You know, although you are a long ways from it today, I do think you will make a decent cow one day!

3/5/2017 6:00:14 AM

As a mother or working woman your time is limited so this would fit in about an hour. Basically, you’d need to come over and quickly undress in the bathroom. Because electrical stimulation can be messy there are some preparations required. Once undressed I’d ask you to bend over the bathroom sink so I could place an enema in your bottom. This is a purely practical matter so don’t be embarrassed about it. Once placed you could sit down on the toilet and I would hang the bag while explaining the remainder of the scene. So imagine you are being filled up by warm water as I explain what’s to come…

    After the enema you’ll come into the living room and get on your hands and knees. Then you will be fastened wrist and ankle to the milking stand on the floor. A small, well-lubricated anal probe will be inserted with a matching electrode taped to your belly. Because you just had the enema tube in there it will slip right in. I switch it on and … not much. Just a steady low frequency pulse that makes your belly vibrate and your ass pucker a little.

    Next an electrode is clipped to your clit. This hurts honestly. Have you ever felt a clothes pin pinch your skin? That’s exactly what it feels like. But it only hurts for a minute. The other electrode is a large dildo. Well lubricated. Take a deep breath, breath out, breath in, and feel it slide in. You’re a big girl, it’s snug but not too tight. Here’s the thing. This next part stinks. No way around it. The thing is that we must kind of stun the clit and vaginal area now so all the stimulation will focus on the breasts and nipples. It’s five minutes of pure unpleasantness, but that’s it. Are you ready? Of course I’m not asking for real since you really can’t say no and once you come over here it’s really up to me. But I will be a gentleman and put a ball gag in place so you don’t bite your tongue. Open up …. and in it goes. Seems like you were resisting a bit but we’ll ignore that as we strap the gag in place.
     Now let’s hook up that second enema bag. Let me know if you start cramping.

     Okay, so like I said, this part coming up sucks. But you want to be turned into a cow with big saggy udders right? And this is the price you pay to get there. There will be 30 seconds of pulsing, followed by 30 seconds pause, followed by another 30 seconds of pulsing, a rest for 2-3 minutes, and then the final round. After that you won’t feel a thing down there for the next thirty minutes. That’s because the nerves will be temporarily stunned and won’t be firing. 

     Okay you are cramping a bit? Let’s give the bag another 30 seconds as your belly swells up and then take it out.

     So getting back to what's next, I’ll flip the switch and it will feel basically like someone is drilling a hole in your clit. In reality, it’s just the electrical flow and no damage is done. But that’s what it feels like. Your back is gonna arch and you will lose bladder control which is why the other thing I’m doing in the bathroom now is this — it’s not a big deal, just a nice little tube that goes right up — feel it slide in — and then there’s a pinch as it enters the bladder. And now your pee flows out. Not a big deal, don’t act like a baby. Feels kind of funny though flowing out, right, without any effort. So we do that because once the electricity hits you you’d pee yourself and I don’t want any mess on the carpet.

     Anyway, once the pulse starts and your clit is getting drilled, your back arched, your butt clamps shut on the anal probe, and you feel your belly vibrate you’ll want to scream. Go ahead and try, I don’t think you can. It will feel like forever but it’s only 30 seconds. After that it stops and you can breathe hard through your nose until it starts again. The second time it will pulse instead of drill, so it’s like zaps into your clit like it’s being pierced again and again. And since you’ll be soaking wet the conductivity is a lot better so it feels more intense, but the voltage and current are the same. When that finally ends you’ll have a minute or two to breathe and try to recover. You might actually feel dizzy. And then the final round comes. This one is stronger and it will feel like your clit is being cut off. But then, you won’t feel it anymore at all, b/c the nerves suddenly stop conducting. At that point I’ll stop and unhook the clit probe and give you a tug and you really won’t feel a thing. Finally, we’ll be ready to go.

     So that’s what you’re in for. Sorry I forgot to remove the second bag so you got a big enema there. Let’s pull out the plug and push on your belly so you get nice and emptied out. Now I’ll turn on the jets from the toilet which shoot some warm water up there to get you nice and clean and you can dry off yourself. Once you get out of the bathroom we’ll get started. The last part after stunning the clit involves hooking electrodes to each udder and nipple which will cause them to pulse in rhythm with the anal probe. After a few minutes you’ll feel like you are building up to a release, and then you’ll have a big powerful letdown, followed by steady contractions until your milk empties out. Of course we’ll let them go for a few minutes after that with dry contractions because that will maximize the return of milk. I'll also catch the milk in some glasses below your tits which I’ll run some tests on so we can start to optimize it.

     And that’s it, that’s what you’re looking at. You can be in and out in an hour, and you will never feel the same after that. I mean, your clit will tingle as the nerves come back online, and your ass will feel a little loose for a bit, but that stuff will be back to normal by evening. However, the bigger picture is that once you’ve been through this experience nothing else will satisfy you, and you’ll want it more and more. Most importantly your udder development will be extensive and noticeable and basically irreparable ( you cannot undo big saggy tits, swollen nipples, darkened areaolas, etc.) Once you are hooked on this I’ll also work on fattening you up as I do enjoy plump, but prefer a full-size cow.

2/24/2016 5:50:22 AM

Migration of Erogenous Zone to Lactation Center in Hucow


Dr. T.Z. Chou


Most women achieve pleasure through clitoral stimulation while neglecting their breasts and nipples. Hucows and their owners should strive for the inverse, achieving pleasure through breast and nipple stimulation while neglecting the clitoris. This will increase nipple size and sensitivity and promote improved milk quality and production levels while exposing the erogenous zone more visibly leading to greater arousal. Ultimately the clitoris and genitals should be disconnected ensuring that the breast and nipples become the only pathway to climax. Here’s how it’s done:


1.Stimulate nipples with genitals to orgasm


The nipples and the genitals represent two distinct pathways to arousal originating in different areas of the female body but terminating in the same pleasure center of the brain. Initially the nipples should be stimulated alongside the genitals up to and throughout orgasm. This will increase the strength of the neural pathways between nipples and orgasm center of the brain.


2.Use nipple stimulation alone to reach orgasm


After several weeks of simultaneous stimulation it should be possible to reach orgasm with nipple stimulation alone. Prior to orgasm the hucow is fully stimulated in both areas, but once ready for climax clitoral stimulation is ceased and nipple stimulation alone is used to induce orgasm. This step can take quite some time to accomplish but once achieved it represents a significant milestone. 


3.Reduce clitoral stimulation


Having achieved orgasmic nipples capable of inducing orgasm the nipples and breasts may be increasingly used to achieve pre-climax arousal while clitoral and genital stimulation is gradually tapered-off. Do not rush this phase.


4.Eliminate clitoral stimulation


Once the breast and nipples are sufficient for arousal and orgasm the clitoris and genitals may be completely ignored. This has great benefit to the hucow as it shifts the erogenous zone fully to the breasts, enlarging the erectile tissue of the nipples and increasing the bloodflow to the breasts. Regular stimulation to climax using the breasts and nipples alone can increase their size and sensitivity substantially. To prevent accidental stimulation of the clitoris numbing cream is advised.


5.Stimulate clitoris while blocking neural transmission


Up until this point we’ve focused on increasing the role of the breasts and nipples while decreasing the role of the clitoris and genitals. Now that the erogenous zone for arousal and orgasm has been shifted to the lactation center the final step is to fully disconnect the clitoris and genitals from the process ensuring that the hucow may only achieve arousal and release through breast and nipple play. Ironically this is done through over-stimulation of the genitals while blocking transmission to the brain. The reason this works is that neurons are connected through “Hebbian Learning,” meaning that when two neurons fire together their connection strengthens, but when they fire at separate times their connection weakens. If the clitoral neurons fire significantly, but the brain neurons do not fire at all, the connection between the two can become permanently disabled. Achieving this requires use of an epidural or other neural blockage so medical assistance is required, but the experience is exquisite. For the hucow it also has significant psychological overtones. In a typical scenario she is prepped medically and then prepared for extensive attention to her genitals, such as through oral sex. After months of neglect her latent desire is high. Yet when she finally receives it she feels —nothing. Frequently she will fake arousal at first, but ultimately admit defeat. After several tries she will be increasingly frustrated, and then resign herself to the end of clitoral arousal. This is not only a psychological victory, but a physiological one, as well. She is now fully dependent on breast and nipple play for satisfaction.


6.Remove clitoris (optional)


This is an optional step and absolutely unnecessary as it can only be ethically undertaken once the clitoris has been rendered dysfunctional through previous methods. In other words, since the clitoris no longer works at this point there is no reason to remove it, and some feel that leaving it in place is a useful reminder to the hucow of its dysfunction. On the other hand, for those prepared to undergo the procedure removal can be a powerful reinforcement of the hucow’s new status and it also presents a very pretty apperance when mated with a sealing of the vaginal vault.

4/8/2014 7:26:33 PM

I am finding the world of "gainers" and "feeders" increasingly interesting. There is something erotic about feeding your submissive. Especially the idea of pushing her limits for food capacity so she consumes more than is comfortable each day, and then, after a large stuffing session, must lie down to digest for several hours...

I also like the idea of stretching the belly day by day so calorie consumption can increase, knowing that long run the set point will be moved higher and higher.

But most of all, seeing her grow as a result of our work together would be very satisfying. Breasts, bellies, these are very erotic body parts ... and more is better!!

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