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I am loved....therefore I love! I am a treasure... therefore I am cherished! I am human...
Female Switch, 44,  Bismarck, North Dakota US

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 North Dakota

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 2"






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I am loved....therefore I love!

I am a treasure... therefore I am cherished!

I am human... therefore I make mistakes!

I am good....therefore I have misbehaved!

I do wrong....therefore I am punished and taught what is right!

I am lost....therefore I have been found! 

I feel pain.....therefore I feel pleasure!

I am strong.....Therefore He makes me stronger!

I have many parts to me....Therefore I can grow!

I am a piece of art....Therefore He will mold me!

I am passionate....Therefore He fuels my flame.

I am emotional....Therefore He wipes my tears, sees my smiles and hear my deep sigh of contentment....

I am His....Therefore I matter and I have a reason to exist!

I live....Therefore He makes me feel alive....

I am His!!! He is Master!

ezdosit356...He is my Master and I am His and only His. We do seek friends and play partners from our area... We also teach and mentor to those who need some one to help and someone who understands and listens.


Red head with lots of passion and fire. In this beautiful life for some time now....Just had to take a break and examine my life and what i want and need. i am what most would call a nympho. i crave sex so much and so badly at times i physically hurt. There is not much i do not like.

i once lost my sex drive and found it again. Specially after a lil beating this girl got....Made me want more and i so love my marks...

Not just anyone gets my attention. You must earn my trust as i know i must earn Yours. Trust is a two-way street that needs to be met in the middle.


Single mom of a teen son. He is my the light in my heart. He is my #1 always. i am last. Taking care of the ones i love make me whole. i don't want to be alone. i do not want to lead. i need love in my life. i need to serve and be guided by One that is willing to accept  me for me. By The way, i am not perfect. Far from it in fact. i am no skinny supermodel either. i am me. i am true to my self as i would be to You! i need a Rock and a soft place to Body, mouth, pussy & ass so needs to purr! Help tame me please! With out a Master  one is lost. i need to find the better part of me. she needs to say often "Yes Master! Thank You Master! How may i please You Master!??"


i am not a door mat by all means. i have a job I love and like living in North Dakota. ND is low in crime and high in Jobs. We have more jobs than people right now. Just not always fond of the cold and snow.  

i am very hard on myself instead she needs a Master to be hard  instead. His guidence is true. He is always right! i have no right to judge myself....for Master is my judge. He is my leader that leads me/us on the right path. i need that special Someone to warm me up and use my body like a potter uses a piece of clay.


i am not into scat, fire or knives. No kids please. i never tried fire or knives, but strongly feel i would not like them. Scat i did try and don't like. i DO NOT believe in limits. To me limits are the things we place on ourselves. Limits are the restrictions of fear & dislike or simplely do not understand what it is that we place on ourselves.


Wanting some one older than myself (41+) and have more than just 5 years experience real life. i have lived this life 24/7 with my 1st Master for 7 years before heaven took Him. It is who i am...what i am. i may have strayed due to feeling lost. i believe a sub/slave is like a lil lamb. With out a shepard to guide her how can she not get lost. A Master is her guide.


i am real and hope He is too. Some one that is real with passion not just a weekend player....i need and deserve more. i need a Man that knows what He wants and takes it.


Respect is like trust....earned but never just a given!

"Love is friendship on fire! To a sub/slave her Dom/Master is her fire"



i recently found out i am very bi-sexual. Women turn me on so much also as much as a Man does. Not every Man turns me on. He must be Dominate and comanding. Strict, firm with gentleness in His heart. This life, to me is love and romance at it finest. To care for the one He uses in all ways is heaven!

WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum in both current and future. If you have done so or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this .


Journal Entries:
4/24/2012 3:38:33 PM

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything and i would like to share what I feel is a huge accomplishment.

It took me so many years to finish a poem that I was working on when my 3rd Master released me. It was an odd reason. He wanted poly and brought His 1st slave back into His life, our lives. She worked very hard at pushing me out. she won, I lost He took her word over mine. I am okay with this all now.
It took a great deal of time to know I needed to shed my past, all my past. Now I know I have done this. I have no regret or bad feelings. It also helped that my 3rd Master came to me and begged me to come back. Going so far to tell me He would release her for me. I am his greatest regret. In that I finished my poem. A Poem i am so very very proud of.



Title: "When You Released Me"


“I release you,” you said to me.
My heart died, flaming into
fiery, bleeding, tortured death.
My blank stare masked my pain.


 “I am no longer your Master,” You said.
My pulse stopped and color drained.
My face so white, almost transparent.
I looked past your shoulder and nodded.


 “You’re no longer my submissive/slave,” You said.
The words bounced crazily through me.
Blazing hurt threaded my whisper, ”As you wish.”


 Your words tore, cut and grounded love
between them, beneath them, below them
like tight clamps around my nipples,
like a cane snap on my bare ass,
like deep endless drugging kisses,
like my tongue caressing your cock, forever focused.


 Tears gathered. Disconnected, I
turned away silently into my future,
uncollared for the first time in years.


 My soul screamed, enraged in pain!
Why didn’t you have more faith in us?
How could you turn so easily
from greatness what and who we were?


There was no answer, no soft words
murmured you to me. How, I cried.

How could you cripple us both so savagely?


 Who has ever known you as deeply?
Endlessly, we explored. Sharing
hearts, minds, sexuality.
We talked, we laughed, we dreamed together.
Forever linked, heart to heart, we said.
All so intense… and now, discarded.
Oh my Master, how badly you
failed us both when you released me!


12/8/2011 12:30:44 PM

His hands

Oh, how I delight in the thought of being the best I can be in service to Another …..

I  seek my “One who makes my heart beat faster and makes me yern for His touch” He is whom I choose to give my servitude to..…

The honour of serving, pleasing and obeying fully is my desire and delight that shines …

 On my knees I am my best … His strength towering over me making me feel my place ….

Whether feeling the soft touch of His loving hand, or His harshness when being disciplined or  administering the pain or pleasure He gives …


 A Master’s hands will  be the most sacred to me … for His hands love me, Hold me, teach me, bind me, and protect me … In His hands I am free sealed with a collar and a kiss!




I wrote this many years ago for One I loved that I could not be with and  He with me. Things happen for a reason. Not sure what that reason is or was. It is what it is. I do feel this poem speaks loudly and wish to share.  


Not Owned

How can I tell You how I feel; when I look to You; but I am not owned?

At Your mercy as I wait quietly with patients, and adore You; but I am not owned?

My body, heart and soul sink deeply into full submission, as my hunger grows and my body opens as it aches, and I sink to my knees waiting for You to command me, but I am not owned?

How can I show You what it means to be allowed to worship Your body and cock; Making it the center of my universe, longing for Your touch, when I am not owned?

How can I tell You I can’t get enough of Your pain and Your pleasure You bestow on me when I am not owned?

How can I tell You how I need to be wrapped in your presence, knwoing You are near, when I am not owned?

Master, in Your strength  and guidence I can do and be Your everything, if only I was owned!


11/29/2011 4:30:29 PM

"He is Master she is slave.

His to have, His to hold, His to hurt to pleasure to mold.

His to comand and her to Obey and love Him every single day.

His to guide and punish when she has done wrong.

 His to love through the good and bad, the happy or sad.

His to make cry. Her tears He will eventually dry.

His woman that is slave to just Him. All of her He owns.

She took a vow that collars her neck and heart, Bound to Him from the very start.

In the end she will say, "Yes Master, Thank You, I obey!" In that He protects her and keeps her safe....

He is Master she is slave!

11/27/2011 2:39:25 PM

Words I wrote that come from my heart and soul and how I believe what this lifestyle stand for. Words that I would express to the One that would have me, love me, take me, use me, and protect me.   


My Girlfriend Used these words to express herself to her Master after He placed His collar and locked it in place Last Sat. Night.  Now that I shared them with her I'd like to share them with Aall.


 "In plain there is pleasure...

 In sadness there is Joy....

 In tears there is heart that is beautiful...  

 In harshness there is softness...

 In punishment there is guidence....

 In hope there is love...

 In love there is a slave to surrender all she is and that she was....


To You Master I surrender and give my heart, mind, body and soul You own me in that I am free"


Brie is a very lucky woman and I hope I can that someday as well. For time moves moment by moment. In that time allows possibities to gow ;)

Never stop believing!

11/14/2011 1:37:35 PM

       I was asked by another sub/slave this....

"Why is a sub/slave so relaxed after a session? I know she gets lost in The one she is with and enters what most refere to sub-space. I am wondering if it is also the connection she feels with the Dom she is with?"

     I believe that the Dom she is with shows how Powerful He in from the inside out. He becomes Her line of relaxation. He allows her to be at peace for she is serving Him. She she gives Him all she can...Her mind and body. One day if lucky enough she will be able to give Him her heart and soul. Almost in that moment they become On single unit. Ladies I also have to say...for me...when I see my marks, however mild or extreme they be, relax me. Reminds me that for a moment I was His.......

        Now if we all could take that and make it a perminate situation with all we desire would be heaven. Please rememeber that it does not happen over night. Nothing wrong in taking the time to get to know Him as He does You. That 1st meeting will speak volumes.....but listen may speak in a low whisper.

           So take Your time. Learn, live, feel. Always trust You heart and gut!


Hope this helps! We were all new or unsure at one time or another :)

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