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I am a 34 year old bi male that is looking to get into the bdsm scene more.  I am more so
Male Switch, 34,  SW of Devils Lake, North Dakota US

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Gay Male Dominant
Age: 34
Location: North Dakota
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 Male Switch

 SW of Devils Lake 

 North Dakota

 6' 3"

 235 lbs






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I am a 34 year old bi male that is looking to get into the bdsm scene more.  I am more so looking to be submissive and used by more dominant types as I am usually dom.  I don't know a lot (yet) but am definetly willing to learn.  What I have done so far is: masturbation (self and others), oral (giving and receiving, male and female), coitus, anal (give and receive), role play, bondage, cock and ball torture (including binding with string, rope and rubber bands, weights, rings, straps, stretching, clothes pins), tit torture, edging, milking, orgasm denial, chastity devices, spanking and sounding.  Anything else?  Just ask me, I will answer any and all questions!

Journal Entries:
11/17/2012 11:25:36 AM

I had the pleasure of meeting a master once again and loved every minute of it.  I was tied in various positions and used.  A sample of the items used are clothes pins on my cock and balls, sounds, a crop, rope for binding hands, feet, balls and cock, weights suspended from cock and balls, lube, dildos, and vibrators.  A few pictures were taken that I will share if so wanted.  I hope to do all that and so much more soon!

4/30/2012 9:02:55 AM

I was finally used by an experienced master for a couple hours and I absolutely loved it.  He had me tied in various positions, some spanking, a crop, some cbt (want MORE) and anal play with fingers and toys (mmmmm).  I want to do much, much more of this. 

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