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Dont base what ypu desire wothe me on a look talk forst you might find who you want What i de
Male Dominant, 43,  Las vegas, Nevada US

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Dont base what ypu desire wothe me on a look talk forst you might find who you want What i desire is a true sub one who knows their place dont be shy and not say hello to me or if i messgae you and you reply we are not a match how do you know did you try to know me or let me know you or did you assume that we are not a match in my world it is run as if i ask it it is done if i say do it do so with pleasure yes i have rules and a dress code for all subs as those are a must with over 20 years experience im sure i can handle my role how about you now for those of you wondering why i would want to know simole how do you establish trust well you get to kbow someone a d if all gells right then trust is there if it dont gell then its buh bye mo big deal but 90% of you here are so shallow you asdume by a photo or two that soneone is not for you wheb you never took a little time to talk to them and see but what do i know oh wait over 20 years experience says what i know

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10/11/2016 11:03:50 PM
Today is a long one playtoys are not near even when they say they want to serve well i say prove ot be real dont say your real and when i put you through the paces find your as fake as can be because my many uears of experience has taught me who is real and who is fake if you feel offended by this pr think ot replies to you then prove me wrong and contact me

6/12/2012 6:32:28 AM

as usual alot of you slaves / subbies  are ther playing games well i for one am who i am and you are not you just say you are but when put to the test you run like a 6 year old playing freeze tag

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