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i am a pro domme. Not sub or switch. Purely domme. I am reasonable. I am looking for painsluts
Female Dominant, 49,  Grand forks, North Dakota US

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Bisexual Male Submissive
Age: 49, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 200 lbs.
Location: williston, North Dakota
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i am a pro domme. Not sub or switch. Purely domme. I am reasonable. I am looking for painsluts & sissy's only. Other's need not apply. I will take women & men. For the time you are with me, i have high standards & expectations of you.  one more thing, if you are not from the US, i will not consider you at all.  no offense to anyone outside of the US but this is how it has to be.

i am 5'10", brn/gray hair, blue eyes & i'm a bbw. If you are looking for a pic, i will have 1 up when i can. Otherwise, ask.

1. If you set up an appt with me, make sure you intend to keep it. My time is valuable & I won't tolerate bullshit excuses.

2. I am straight forward & honest. I expect you to be the same way. Don't cut off my head, piss down my throat & tell me it's raining. I'm not stupid. Don't lie to me.

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9/11/2017 5:45:29 PM
If you're reading this, I'm impressed you stuck it out this far. Lol. Don't let the pro part fool you, I do some sessions just for my pleasure. It's not completely about tribute for me. I have a certain criteria I look for that determines if I'll do a session with you for my pleasure or not. No, I'm not going to list the here; if you want to know, have the balls to message me & we'll see if you can reach that criteria or not. Kiss kiss.

8/29/2015 3:48:05 PM
Slave666: you accuse me of being fake & a least I have the balls to finish a fight; you have proven that your balls are non-existant.

8/26/2015 4:44:53 PM
Ok, I've got appt's open throughout Sept & the 1st part of Oct. if you want a session, contact me here & we'll get it set up for you. A couple of things you need to keep in mind: 1. If you set up an appt, you are fully expected to keep it. I don't accept excuses. 2. Tribute is required. 3. I prefer pain sluts...ligit painslut's but am willing to take others as well. 4. There is NO sexual contact involved in any of my sessions.

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