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Alright, I liked how I had my profile written at one point, but I feel like I need to make som
Male Dominant, 37,  Richmond, Kentucky US

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Alright, I liked how I had my profile written at one point, but I feel like I need to make some revisions.


To get some things out the way first: I'm what weird people call weird. I'm a big "bear" type of dude. I've been told I give off a "Dad" vibe. I'm an atheist, which normally isn't a big deal but can make some people ghost me for some reason. I play video games, I watch cartoons, and I've been known to sport the Gorton's Fisherman beard from time to time. I probably will be putting it back on again because winter is coming.


My age and location are current as of September 13, 2017.


I'm mellow, agreeable and not overbearing or "dominant" seeming at first, but I can grow into a role as I get to know someone. I don't take myself too seriously, like some of the people here.


A lot of aspects of my life are crap at the moment, but I'm on the upswing, dagnabbit. You'll see. I'm on the villain's journey, at that part of the story arc when they're taking names of all the people who will rue the day.


I'd like to make some friends or pick brains for ideas, not really sure about anything more than that right now.


I can do hypnosis, and know how to deal with some of the pitfalls like abreactions and so on, but I get that a lot of people aren't into it, so that's cool if you're not. I'm also good with rope, because I was a Deckhand once upon a time, and knowing knots was part of the job. Tying up coworkers wasn't part of the job, but it sure helped kill some time and teach the new guys what was up.


But anyway, yo - I give the best hugs.


Journal Entries:
9/12/2017 4:20:36 PM
The answer to one of life's biggest questions - "Can't we all just get along?"

9/11/2017 6:46:59 PM
Me: *sees a pic of some lady holding a tiny deer*

Me: "Hey, what kind of dog is that?"

9/11/2017 6:08:45 PM
Saw a profile where someone said they have girl parts.

Saying something like that makes you sound like a serial killer. You know who else had girl parts? Ed Gein.

9/7/2017 3:16:11 PM
Me, attempting to talk to people here 99% of the time:

8/24/2017 7:16:45 AM
For all the people that think they're really into torture, see if you can watch the whole thing:

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