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Hello Thank you for looking at my profile. I am interested in TPE and feel I have a real slav
Male Slave, 58,  Lakes Region, New Hampshire US

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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 59, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 45, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 155 lbs.
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 Male Slave

 Lakes Region 

 New Hampshire

 6' 0"

 260 lbs





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Thank you for looking at my profile. I am interested in TPE and feel I have a real slaves' heart. My current lifestyle is coming to an end and I hope to soon find someone who wants to own me full time. I have met many fantastic people while doing this but finding someone (Woman, Man or Couple) who really understands my need to serve and be under High protocol 24x7 is hard (especially since I have not been able to give up my old life as easily as I had hoped). I am also very protective of my old life and that does scare some people off (which is understandable given the high percentage of fakes and wannabes here).

I am nearing retirement and should be able to relocate sometime in the next 2-3 years, I should have reasonable health care, be self-supporting and even contribute to the household expenses. All while serving you and yours 24x7. I do not do drugs, do not smoke, only drink occasionally in moderation and do not engage in casual sex (certainly nto unprotected).

Listing what I am looking for is hard and comes off looking superficial and "do me slavish", so I will try to keep it brief. In short I am looking for a true slave position. I want to be owned and controlled. I want High Protocol most of the time and to be totally controlled by my Owners(s). Things like Eye contact and Speech restrictions, slave positions and routine maintenance punishment.  I want to be held to a high standard of service and to have well defined rules and daily tasks to do for you.

To understand me fully it is better to know what I am not looking for.

Have you noticed the recent uptick of 20 something Stripper Dommes' on Collar space? It seems like most of them are what is called "FinDoms";  translation = "I am here for the money and have no more real interest in this lifestyle than an actor has in the role she is playing."

Please do not get me wrong, I do not fault or judge any of them for being young and beautiful and using that to make money, it just seems like there are so many of them now. Maybe it is a sign of the economy. And I should be clear, I have nothing against Pro Domes' who take the lifestyle seriously (I love these Women and have occasionally paid to play with them). The whole FinDomme thing  just seems to me like another "Get Rich Quick Scheme on the Internet".

I love browsing their profiles and enjoy viewing their pictures. Like most males I am very  visual and enjoy looking at a 24 year old (fashion model beautiful) woman in negligée who says she is a Dominant, but I know it's not real. When they see you have browsed gtheir profile they fire off a message saying something like; "hey baby do you want to have a good time"? And they have not even looked at your profile so you know they are just trolling looking for the almighty buck.

Again, no disrespect, but I wonder if any of them really know anything about being Dominant and the power they have. Sure they know how to use their beauty and femininity to get CASH but do any of them have any real interest in the Lifestyle and having a slave that will worship them and do just about anything for them?

That pretty much sums up what I am not interested in. No offense to the women who I described or the people who do business with them.


If you are truly Dominant, use terms like Old Guard, Gorean, High Protocol, have any of them as part of your Lifestyle and need someone to serve you please contact me.


I am truly appreciative that you have made it though my profile and humbly thank you for doing so. Good luck in finding what you are searching for even if it is not me.




Journal Entries:
2/9/2014 7:05:49 PM

I am looking for someone to own me. It is not about sex for this boy it is about surrendering complete control. I expect to retire soon and am looking for someone who is very demanding and set in their ways to show me the ropes. I desire to be a Fulltime Slave and need to know if it is a life I can endure. I need an owner who demands respect and high protocol from their belongings. If he/she happens to be a bit of a sadist that is a bonus to me since I am also a pain slut

As a slave I am an inferior to my Master and expect to be treated as such. I will bend to his or her will and will surrender all sense of self and any thought of sexual preference or desire. chastity is expected and will be adhered to.


thank you for reading this.


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