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i like to hang out have a good time. maybe go out to a club hang with friends just simple good
Male Submissive, 25,  Wht mtns, New Hampshire US

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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 21
Location: Netherlands
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 Wht mtns 

 New Hampshire

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i like to hang out have a good time. maybe go out to a club hang with friends just simple good fun.  i work on computers, build arcade games im big into electronics and physics. i like to stay active i mtn bike as much as i can play soccer, have fun. i like vidoe games when im not doing much to relax crack a beer and crack out to gta3 or cod or even a good old RPG. pretty easy going and versitale i pride my self on being able to fix almost anything i come accross i love tools if they make a tool to do something and im doing it i have to have that tool think smarter not harder good old logic to me lol i know bad nerd joke im a huge nerd on one side as one could see by now but i do have a more edgy realistic side ive been to so many things seen so many things and i always know i havnt seen it all yet but pretty close. i do some security mostly high end digital security nets but when it has to be the full net i do both been from one side of the US to  different parts of Europe i dont talk like most people theres little to no room in my world for talkers only doers i cant handle people who just talk to talk and nothing ever changes or gets done nope all set lol. on the kink side of things mostly self bondage i have frinds hlep me when they can i have 15 years experience being tied up. having control toys and devices ued on me straightjackets ball gags depravtion control including breath. but i all comes down to the same thing getting to know one another and creating a realstionship so i hope this helps give an idea of who i really am if u wanna know more or ask me any qustions just send me a message and ill hit u back asap

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