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Spring, 2017 ---> Messages from hidden, one-line or EMPTY profiles are deleted unread. I
Female Dominant, 48,  Western, Maryland US

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Spring, 2017

---> Messages from hidden, one-line or EMPTY profiles are deleted unread. I welcome your contact. I expect you'll have READ my profile beforehand. Unwilling to do so? Then kindly move along. Thank you.

Seeking MATURE, experienced, real-time, local, long-term play partners.  I'm offering vibrant freaky friendship with a heap of tasty D/s play.

*Please know that I am not seeking 24/7 or to collar, cohabitate with, or marry a sub. Seeking quality play partners only.

I am a DWF in a loving LT poly relationship; my submissive and I are deeply connected and transparent. Likewise, I seek transparency in all would-be play partners. I love many shades of flirting, fun, fucking and flogging (lol), and have NO interest in harming anyone non-consensually ..yes, this would include partners who do not *know* about their mate's activities. If this is your situation, please move on.

More about me:


Lifestyle Domme seeking masculine submissive play partners. Prefer tall, solid subs who are respectful, ethical, open minded, erotic & intelligent. This is not a game to me, or a pastime.. but a big, juicy, important part of my life and I seek play with submissives of a like mind. Please note that I am not into sissification, forced feminization, etc.

Please be:

✚  local to the Wash, DC-Balt area and willing to come to me

✚  serious and seasoned, likely in the 40-55 age range

✚  available, as in single or poly only

✚  d/d-free *with papers and SMART about safe(r) sex ptactices

✚  a non-smoker

✚  at the most, a social drinker, tops


(*) If you're playing behind your partner's back, do not contact me; I am seeking single or poly submissives } now read that again please. 

The style of play I engage in can range from sensual to quite aggressive depends on the flow of energy and the desires at hand. I offer you a place to give-up control; safety and discretion and the freedom to deeply explore your submissive desires. My focus is to grant you cruelty with sympathy, much forbidden pain and pleasure and a mental Domme opposite to your headspace as a sub. The play I seek is holistic and involves your mind as much as your body.

Pre-play conversation and negotiation are essential. I expect you will do this dance of inquiry with me without hesitation. If the thought of answering basic questions bothers you, you may move on now.

I'm into pain play ..I love to provide it within moderation to people who enjoy receiving it. Please be somewhat of a pain slut or, at a minimum, willing to experience sensations to see how you experience it. Besides SM, I also love to include sex with play. So, assuming that you are not being punished for some transgression (lol), I would include sexual pleasure, mine and yours, in most scenes. I am also considering engaging in chastity as a Keyholder, to on occasion subject willing submissives to this sensual torment (..kinky grin).

CONSENT is THE foundation of D/s and my number-one priority.  Any submissive I play with must know his ethics and likewise respect mine. As such,

1) if you think for a moment that you "don't have any limits(!)," do not contact me (don't understand why? my point's been proven right there..).

2) my hard limits are simple and common sense, to be discussed as we discuss yours.

3) I have no interest in playing with people who cannot give their consent to play; this includes ANYONE using drugs or alcohol or who otherwise does not have their head on straight, THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you have to use to get "loose" enough to play, you are not playing with me.

Full-disclosure: 1) I'm a shrinking BBW; I have gone "Paleo" and am loving the results; 2) I switch and submit to a very select few only. I'm seeking submissives and no switching whatsoever would be involved.

Come, take this deviant journey with me-


Journal Entries:
9/10/2017 7:53:25 AM
It seems I'm yelling in the wind.

Once again, for all time's sake: if you will not communicate with courtesy, clarity and consistency, I am not interested ..kindly move along.

We are grown adults here. As such, I actually expect you to communicate like one.

That is all.


5/21/2017 2:52:32 AM

Messages from hidden, one-line or EMPTY profiles are deleted unread }now read that again, gentlemen. Yes, it applies to YOU. 


5/17/2017 5:07:47 PM
If you require the high of drugs or booze to enjoy my company or can't handle being with a Domme who is never going to get legless with you, then I can hear the red flags snapping in the wind.

If the above describes you, KEEP WALKING. Clear heads are required before and during play with me, or there is NO play.


3/15/2017 10:08:14 AM

"What do dominant women want?"

The below link is from the blog, "Kink in Exile." The article is a good read.

TL;DR treat Dommes like human beings instead of personal fetish dispensers.

4/9/2016 4:12:09 PM
Please note that I am not into "race play" or any other play that posits that any gender, race or nationality is "superior" to another. Absolutely NOT my cup of tea. I am into basic equality outside of play.. AND behind closed doors I will OWN the ass of the person who agrees to take part in a D/s dynamic with me. That does not make me "superior" but ready, willing and able to take the reins because 1) we both want it; 2) it gets us both off and 3) we are fortunate to have the FREEDOM to do this dance. There is a huge difference between the two. Of course, you may be into that type of play and that's YOUR choice certainly is NOT mine. Do not approach me about it.

Thank you,


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