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Seeking: Live-in, 24-7 TPE sub/slave. Contract and/or trial period negotiable with the right p
Male Dominant, 49,  Southern, Maryland US

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StraightFemale Slave
Age: 22, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 136 lbs.
Location: Oklahoma
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 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 190 lbs





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Submissive Female

Seeking: Live-in, 24-7 TPE sub/slave. Contract and/or trial period negotiable with the right partner.

Me: SWM, in MD, Educated, 6’0”, 190 lbs, HWP, Intelligent, 53 years old (always young at heart), Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, drug/disease free (expect same), smoker, sense of humor, very strict, not always completely fair, experienced (22 years in D/s), R/T only, high sex drive, financially stable

You: 18-43, single (or otherwise able to accommodate a live-in TPE), any race, HWP, drug/disease free, R/T only, location unimportant (provided relocation is feasible at some point), bi-sexual or straight, R/T experience preferred but not required, absolute obedience mandatory, high sex drive

Now that the obligatory vitals are out of the way, let me give you a better feel for my style starting with what I’m NOT looking for:

NOT Seeking:

A) Your money or trying to make money off of you

B) Someone who wants me to visit another paysite for your ‘real’ profile/pics/etc.

C) Anything illegal or underage

D) Someone with major mental/physical selfabuse issues - substance abuse, suicidal, violent, etc.

I don’t expect you to immediately drop to your knees and beg for a collar. I do expect you to be able to discuss what it is you are seeking to determine mutual compatibility.

Limits….we all have them whether we admit it or not and I have mine. Mine are fairly standard - anything illegal, kids, animals, scarring or major injury, blood, scat, etc. I will respect any truly hard limits you have. I am seeking TPE however, so if its not a hard limit, love it or hate it it’s fair game.

I am seeking 24-7, so this isn’t a scene with stops and starts…it’s on all the time. You will have more than a few rules to follow, a dress code when at home all of which will be strictly enforced. Major infractions will lead to punishments which will be within limits but won’t necessarily be something you enjoy either.

In terms of fetish/sensual activities I have no real limits on my side. I have a wicked imagination and use it freely. I enjoy bondage play from light ropes/handcuffs to strict steel restraints with no movement possible. I enjoy micromanagement, uniforms, clothing choice, forced activities. I definitely have a toy fetish, so  ben-wa balls, vibrators of all shapes and sizes (including remote control), clit stimulators etc. are fair game as is orgasm control. Finally, I enjoy various kinds of roleplay from age play to puppy/pet training.

On the intense side, I’m more of the lighter to middle of the road variety. Spanking, paddles, crops, straps, whips, wax, ice, clamps/weights etc. are more my speed.. I do have experience with things like electricity (tens unit), etc. but heavy pain play is really not my preference.

If you are still reading this and interested, then we should talk. I am real and am looking for the same. I don’t expect you to submit based on 1 or 2 emails or chats in a night, but I’m also not looking to wait 2 years to meet either. If you are interested, then send me an email here (sorry, java chat makes my computer cry) and we can take it from there.


One last thing...  I do have picture(s) --vanilla-- I'm willing to exchange in return for the same but I will not post them here. 

Journal Entries:
10/27/2016 10:07:07 PM
Also seeking female partner into MMOs like TSW, DCUO and SWTOR - D/s optional since I had a ton of fun with online games with a previous partner and I do miss having a friend to level with

9/20/2016 4:05:42 AM
I saw this on a profile and it was so droll and funny that I had to post it.  I'll credit the girl if she asks: 

"I might add that 50 Shades of Grey is about how great it is to find a good looking billionaire who would spank and fuck you, despite the fact that you are not very pretty."

Something in me found this very amusing!!

9/6/2016 4:52:50 PM
Anyone ever heard of the lovesense lush.   Apparently its a remote toy for control over any distance that can torment both the g-spot and clit.  I may be in love with this toy!

8/30/2016 2:49:22 AM
In response to a sort of dare and because I found it interesting:  You can ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this on your status and see what people ask you!...

5/26/2016 6:17:16 PM
Bonus point for any girl that can complete this poem....(I was inspired earlier):

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice

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