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Crawl to me on your knee's put your head in my lap show me how much you care crawl  
Dom/Switch Couple, 54/33,  Camden, South Carolina US

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 Dom/Switch Couple


 South Carolina



Primary Partner:









 5' 7"

 176 lbs



Secondary Partner:











 5' 3"

 155 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Submissive Trans

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

Crawl to me

on your knee's

put your head in my lap

show me how much you care



dominant with a slightly sadistic side

married to a Vanilla switch..34 bi f


so im looking for


 A sweet girl who wants to be bad

would be ideal


with sub or slave tendency's





skin to skin is wanted..

no online chats that go on forever


please be able to hold a conversation......

be ready and open to taking directions and learning


nothing dark and crazy.. a safe controlled environment

where you will feel needed and hopefully loved as well


be ready to come by dressed in very little and meet

 I have an ass fetish... licking..kissing fingering. spanking and.fucking

so be ready and willing


I do have a bit of a sadistic side and love hearing you moan.. shriek and scream a bit when spanked..what can I say ...its a turn on


I am married to a bi fem (vanilla)....

in a perfect world you would be her lover


.you would be my sub/slave..

I would expect you to please her as well,,


If you do not have a profile with a picture..if not  I would need to see one.. a simple face picture,,nothing crazy






for girls

sex: normal..oral..anal..kinky. 2 way. 3 way, masturbation

spankings,,,bare hand..crops..and a new leather belt..( it looked great on a friends ass)

light bondage

hot wax, or fun with rice krispie treats, a fudge pop works wonders too


role play


dress will be in something small and sexy or nude

We like to meet without any expectations, having you feel safe and secure is important




This is about Power and control...

not just

sex that's just a bonus that will happen


If you are not local...say 150 miles or so

don't bother 

I am looking for you to come to me


Please be able to come meet if you approach us

we do not have interest in chatting or online fun


Journal Entries:
8/23/2016 12:08:07 AM
aren't we here to meet?????????????????????//
why is it all people seem to do is chat  and look
which I guess is fine..
we love skin to skin meets..
seems easy enough

1/12/2016 1:15:24 AM
I'm amazed at how many people are rude here
I have been in the swinger lifestyle for 15 years and the people on the sites and in person  are all looking for similar things
yet very polite
no means no
thanks for the interest..but "no thanks"

ive spoken to a few folks...submissives
and am amazed why they are confused that they are alone

I love the site... but I always work at being honest and polite
that's not weakness
that's Manners

we would love to find a nice well mannered sub/slave
but then again if it was easy
everyone would have one
ohh well....

2/11/2015 12:56:38 AM
damaged or enlightened......

I was asked what pleasure do I get from spanking a pretty girls ass
well I told them the power is a turn on
having control over a girl ass up in the hand print on their ass..

So damaged or enlightened?

I prefer my sub to dress and present themselves in a certain way
       simple really...nails on..and an small little outfit to show off in or just a matching bra and panty..... heels are always a plus as well


I realize a Dom without a Sub... is just like a hamburger without a Bun...
separate, there is  an empty space...something missing
so I was thinking...shit am I Damaged...

Now I am married..happily really
She is just a Vanilla woman...Bi sexual..lucky for me
so a total lose im not
but my bun is just 1/2 full it seems

when I was younger I never gave the Power and Control idea any thought really
but it seems as you age you understand certain life choices and direction can lead to hopefully a happy life
I am extremely content.. a house.. a garden growing..drinking Champaign by the campfire...of course more money would be nice.

But still I have an empty if something is missing
ohh yeah.. I know


2/26/2014 8:49:35 AM


its a simple word

we all want to hear it

we haven't been here long..but the biggest complaint we hear is

that all the women get slammed by men once they sign up  or sign in


how is someone able to approach????

its not easy.. for dom or sub..boy or girl

my question is this

why  cant we all just start out with a simple


from a dom point of view.. it would be wonderful to know your attention is welcomed

so in the future

just say


and maybe

well maybe the attention you want..will be the attention you recieve

1/7/2014 1:14:52 AM

The right fit

finding someone is not supposed to be easy

Being a couple takes a lot of work and dedication

now we  are in search of a sub/slave to join us

its not all about sex.. too many believe that's all its about

don't get me wrong we will use you for fun and sex


its about

Power and Control

giving and taking

well its just a thought.. lets see who listens

maybe we will find you..

if not

the search  is half the fun


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