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In this lifestyle, of Master and slave, many Master’s make the assumption that He is the
Male Dominant, 55,  Tennessee US

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Submissive Female

In this lifestyle, of Master and slave, many Master’s make the assumption that He is the one who claims the slave as being owned by Him.  There is nothing further from the truth or a greater mistake that a Master can ever make.  It is the slave who claims her Master/Owner.  The slave must be able to give to her Master/ Owner all of her heart, and to do this she must be able to completely trust in Him. 

A good Dominant/Master, one that is truly worth serving, knows that the soul of the submissive/slave is the most important part of her. If one touches the soul, the inner person, the part that makes the submissive/slave who she really is, then the heart, mind and body will follow.


To serve me takes a very special type of woman. I can be very demanding, strict, and will expect nothing but her very best at all times. She has to be willing and able to be committed to me totally and completely. Once she has committed her soul to serving me, then she serves me with all of her heart, mind and body. There is nothing that she would not do for me as her Dominant/Master. Once she has committed herself to me, she has given to me all of her trust and she knows that serving me is what pleases me, and her pleasing me is what she wants to do, needs to do. She will serve me always and will serve anytime, anyplace and in any manner I want or have directed.


I do enjoy the physical aspects of using all of the woman for my pleasure. I will do to her things I enjoy doing. I will use any toy or device I may want to use on her that I enjoy using. She can be experienced or a complete newbie. I will train her how to please me and will take the submissive/slave to levels she desires to go. She will have rules of conduct that she will abide by, whether with me or not, and she will understand that those rules are there to make her an even better submissive/slave.


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