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PLEASE NOTE: I do not often reach out and contact people on this web site, because such a larg
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PLEASE NOTE: I do not often reach out and contact people on this web site, because such a large fraction of the profiles on here are fake or scams.  I'm neither of those. So please feel free to contact me. Don't be shy.  I'm always polite to strangers.




With that out of the way,...


I am an experienced Dom, with some interesting ideas.  Some of them are tame, but some are rather extreme.  For example, here's an interesting scenario:


You get on a plane with no luggage, carrying only your ID.  You arrive here, get off the plane and walk to the parking lot, where you find a van parked in the specified location, just as you were told.   You try the sliding door of the van; it is unlocked.  You climb in and close the door behind you.  Inside, you remove all of your clothing and place them in a box along with any other possessions.  You close the box and lock it with the padlock sitting next to it.  You then put on the bondage hood and lock the collar around your neck.  The hood is chained to the frame of the vehicle, and you are now locked into the hood.  No longer having any choice, you sit and await the arrival of your captor.


There are certain girls who would enjoy this kind of adventure as a real-life experience, not merely as a fantasy. Maybe your fantasy is somewhat less intense, somewhat less seemingly risky.  That's ok.  This is just one of many ideas that I enjoy.  I do lean towards some of these more extreme experiences, but I'm also happy to start out with something a bit less... scary.  This particular kidnap idea is designed to allow you to experience some more extreme and/or extended situations (and for us to get to know each other) without having any impact on your vanilla life at home.


I have done things like this kidnap idea before.  It has always been fun and exciting.  Other ideas are also exciting, so let's chat and see what we can come up with.


Some important notes: I'm sane.  I will always respect limits if they are clearly communicated to me in advance.  I am willing to be quite extreme if you do not rule it out. If you DO rule it out, then that rule will be absolutely respected at all times.


This sort of adventure is available to you only if you satisfy these criteria:

  • You must be 18 or over, but not over 60.

  • You must be able to pay for your own transportation.  Reimbursement of your costs is possible and can be discussed, but I will not pay up front. If you are close enough to drive here, this can be accommodated. I will reimburse your gas expenses if necessary, but not in advance. Requests for payment in advance are scams. Every idiot knows that.

  • If you are coming from outside of the USA, you should not ask for my help in any way with visas or transit paperwork.

  • You must have no drug habit and no sexually transmitted diseases. Yes that includes 420.

  • I will voice verify to prove that I'm real, and to verify that you are.  After that, I'm willing to share photos.  Although, if you are going to be wearing a hood with blindfold the entire time that you're here, then what difference does my appearance make?

  • If you like the kidnap idea, then I suggest that you remain in captivity for a minimum of 48 hours.  However, you may choose the duration and your choice will be respected.  Note that this is not permanent enslavement - I am not willing to make a life-long commitment to a stranger.  So don't ask for an open-ended duration.  However, you may ask me to decide the duration for you, if you do not want to have any input. I'm certainly open to longer stays, if schedules permit.

  • If you are seeking permanent enslavement 24/7/forever, then I'm happy to chat with you, but please realize that nobody sane makes commitments like that without meeting first.


If you wish to engage in consensual blackmail in advance, in order to guarantee that you are unable to back out of doing this under threat of exposure of your secrets, I will consider such requests favorably.  Of course this is not mandatory, just a suggestion for those who might like such things.  I have owned and controlled slaves via consensual blackmail before, so please do contact me if it is an interest of yours.


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