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Hi everyone, I am a relatively little experienced and have been lightly used, sissy.
Male Submissive, 52,  Maryland US

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Age: 59, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)
Location: Connecticut
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Hi everyone, I am a relatively little experienced and have been lightly used, sissy.  Served a Mistress for about a year and she was breaking me in slowly.   lol  I was the quisessential macho man till she got ahold of me.  To be honest it all came to be by accident.  We played often in bondage and she had me bound spread eagle on the bed.  it was sort of a tease we had, I had to "suffer" through watching her get dressed while lying there bound!!   very hot.   And she always took her time  lol.  Anyway one day she was seductively putting on her stockings,  when she went to put the first one on she laid the other across my leg.  Being the mans man that I was  I immediately protested, had no interest in wearing ladies clothes, and I protested saying I wasn't going to wear them.  Then I saw the light go on in her eyes.  Bad move telling her not to do something  lol.  Anyway she had no intention of dressing me  until that moment.  Long story short, I ended up wearing them that night and was the sex ever incredible.  Ginger was born and grew and grew.  The more we played I really started getting into this.  I truly truly started going into subspace, always heard about it and said BS.  But oh my god it is true.  She saw it in my eyes and just laughed.  She knew it was over.  She had just started anal training to bring the full girl in me out and then the relationship ended. (Ginger had nothing to do with it)!!  Anyway looking for someone to bring Ginger out as she was and to train meto take a man with a strapon.  Interested in both male and female.

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