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will make exceptions for males if he is a daddy dom above 30 or further experimenting in cucko
Female Switch, 33,  Baton rouge, Louisiana US

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 Female Switch

 Baton rouge 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 112 lbs






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will make exceptions for males if he is a daddy dom above 30 or further experimenting in cuckold situations.prefer local.will not do over seas or any one still in their teens or early 20's.What i need is a female companion. Sometimes I can feel like a fish in a tiny fish bowl just making the bubbles. With those little bulging eyes looking out. Thinking who will tap the glass. Will she play. Will she like me is the thought process. i fail to have my female partner i crave. That the longer it exist. The loneliness grows. I ask where is my affection. The other soft hand I could call mine as they can call me theirs. Something I can promise. I crave affection. It could be morning. Day. Night. To some one who wants to be an entangled mess within my body is so hard to find it is a crime within itself that i wish did not exist.  A warm lap is something I love to find myself on. I hear how people want these affectionate females. Suffocate even but when it exist in arms reach there is something they rather fiddle with. Right now in my life I need so much something I can feel. Love. Feel loved. To nurture and be nurtured. Lick me from head to toe. Just because they can. Exploration. Not hinder my exhibitionist side that is so ready to come out and play but encourage it. I say I want sex outside. You say okay. Where. When. Bare ass in mother natures  playground . Grass stained knees. Dirty is the possibility but who cares it is an itch that feels good once you get all 10 fingernails planted firmly on my ass. I have an appetite and I want it filled where I can't even stomach any more of it. I want it to be to the point of sickening . Where I can't stomach one more touch. A  lack of mercy to the suckling of the tongue. leaving both of my set of lips swollen to its maximum. I need to be on my hands and knees begging for that double penetration.Thighs left with its own agenda that I have no control to how much they tremble. Spasm in unison from the sexual exhaustion of my body under your blows. A whimpering.Injured and bruised animal in her own puddle of mess to squat in. I need something primal that will make the sweat bead up. Beginning at the nap of my neck. Slipping as it climbs down word  to the crack of my ass. leaving trails from the delightful coupling of two beings eager to lick the sweat off and a mark as clear as day. Color to be envy of. An ouch producing smile.I  need a switch female or sexually aggressive female to grow with . Mentally to stimulate my mind that I can learn from. She needs to be a complete sub/slave with a male but with me its fair game. I give you neither role you have to be. To be In love with the fact I so need to have your sexual dominance and your submission. You are foaming at the mouth to do both. No hesitation. Produce the action. Stimulation and see if being a sexual deviant is as much fun as I know it is. As much fun as you'll let me have and likewise.I you.                                                     

Journal Entries:
9/10/2017 6:42:33 AM
Poor poor males on here.I know you like playing with your own dicks because they are so awesome to you but first intro you send me is a dick the message you wanted to express is your a dick?nice message if you want to entice easy then keep the dick picks flowing.I got naked pics.I got face pics.surprisingly I got a brain to.I am not impress by pics that only says one thing about you.I want layers not some one to prove they can flop out a piece of meat.great pat on the back for your motor skills and multifunctional skills for taking a shot of it as you pulled it out too.I like challenges.I like to have to think.I enjoy some one who makes my brain say what the fuck I don't get it.I want some one smarter then me even.I can't get smarter by some one who just serves up dick as the food for thought.if you view me as easy I can tell you from the start we would not mesh well.also telling me to shut it and just suck it.not at all hot coming from a random person seriously you would have to have like a extremely unreal massive size dick for that to work on me for me to be like yes Sir.incert here kind of mentality.

9/4/2017 4:31:53 PM
Look guys who are just here for phone sex.a porn/cam girl please do not contact me or think I am going to give you my number.not every one on here is just to jerk around. some of us are really serious on our search.I am not a slut and I am no whore to whatever guy introduces himself.I got enough self respect and not enough desperation to give out my number just to get a half ass fulfilling experience.I look for a specific man or woman.I don't look for the sleazy type of people on a perv but be a classy one for godsakes.hell just lead with I want your number for phone sex within the first I can say no and that is where the message exchange ends.

9/2/2017 10:26:35 AM
If you send me a message with just one word hi.I will respond back with a hi and then you send me a message asking me what I I just knocked your door for no random reason I am going to raise an eyebrow and be like what?silly man you entered my inbox not the other way around :p

9/2/2017 8:10:41 AM
Predominantly straight is that what you straight guys like to call it when you play with dick on occasion because where I come from it is simple called need for a big word to put in front of straight to establish your preferred sexual interests.just your straight or just don't make your sexual identity like it needed to be feels like when some one does that they think I am doubting their sexuality from the beginning because you will play with the same sex.I don't care if your a dude that plays with does not reflect your main interests are with cut the bullshit.tell me something more important then your Predominantly straight.also you straight guys if you are with a trans gender person.etc don't question my respect level for the community.I have dated transgender.I never called that person a she then a he and interchanged it in conversation.I respected that person that they identified as he.that is the gender assigned pronoun they chose and I respect is not what I am lacking or tolerance.I don't have patience for male b.s. that is entirely different.also don't call a shemale and trans the same thing.they are before you ride my ass and call your trans sub a she.a he. a shemale in one message learn the difference.I dated who I date.I fuck who I fuck and I don't use a label to keep my sexuality identity intact of terms of if I am straight.if I want to have sex with a woman or man.I don't lead with I am predominantly straight.who gives a fuck.they really don' ugh to some of you on here.I am who I am and I don't have a filter or word crap in a ultra sensitive way.I am blunt and if that makes me an asshole.then just find yourself a little princess with manners to win you over with all the sweet little words she can piece together.

9/2/2017 5:36:31 AM
Okay another thing.I have respect for the trans.shemales.sissies but when did we start calling a dick a clit.calling your dick a boy clit is trying to feminize a masculine part.I get for you straight males it could sound sexier.a girl is a girl a boy is a boy.a shemales.trans etc is not a girl.they are totally different then either gender but a dick is a dick.I don't go around calling my clit a boy yes I am being judgmental and think we should call something for what it is.also straight guys look up in the dictionary what straight does not say straight plays with dick.

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