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First things first.  I'm looking for a woman (sorry guys).   Secondly, I'm not rea
Male Dominant, 51,  Cincinnati, Kentucky US

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 Dominant Male



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Submissive Female

First things first.  I'm looking for a woman (sorry guys).


Secondly, I'm not really looking for a "Love you forever and ever until death do us part and let's be monogamous" sort of relationship.  If you are, I'm sure there are a number of people on here who would interest you.  (And I'm sure they would find you very interesting.)


Having said that, sex without a relationship, I can get from my right hand, and then I don't even need to use a condom.  A relationship means caring about someone...learning about them (and them about you)...and in the world of kink, as a Dom, above all, protecting a sub, and them knowing that they can completely trust their Dom.


About me:  I'm fairly intelligent, well read, and occasionally interesting to be around.  I have a sense of humor that is a somewhat sarcastic.  I have a number of accomplishments in the vanilla world, which I will be happy to share if we should meet in person. 


Want to know more?  just ask.


I do have limits.  One you should know about up front:  smoking.  If you don't smoke, kissing a smoker is a bit like licking an ashtray.  For the right girl it's OK if you're really drunk ... but who wants to be drunk all the time.





PS:  I do have other pics, but I try to limit my "digital footprint".  I will Skype if it seems like we might get along.


Bonus points if you can tell me what my pic represents, or the origin of my Name


PSS:   I live in northern KY, just across the river from Cincinnati.  I travel around a lot.  One of the cities I visit is Baltimore.  I go there fairly often. If you are from there perhaps we can meet sometime...even just dinner might be nice. 


My next visit there will be in mid-late September


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