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Ideally to start, I would like to find a FEMALE BORN sub or FEMALE BORN slave who is truly cap
Female Dominant, 37,  Near a Cornfield, Iowa US

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 Dominant Female

 Near a Cornfield 


 5' 7"

 160 lbs






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Ideally to start, I would like to find a FEMALE BORN sub or FEMALE BORN slave who is truly capable of giving LONG full body massages. Eventually I hope to find a sub or slave to be our: Cook; House Maid; Laundry Maid; Nanny; and Personal Attendant all in one. Alice from The Brady Bunch TV Show, with a additional.more personal job requirement As stated earlier, She MUST be able to give long lasting full body massages and not wimp out.  Ideally she would be lesbian, however bifem is acceptable if willing to only follow though with F/f physical contact. NOT seeking 3somes. NOT seeking a sub or slave who wants M/f.  Im listed as lesbian because if all the men on this sight to stupid to read a profile before filling my junk mail box and tired of deleting all of them from the who's viewing section on here. On that note, my husband would not be involved with that portion of my servants duties. NOT seeking a nympho who needs sexual stimulation or contact every 30minutes. In fact, the idea of keeping our servant locked in a chastity device is very appealing. This would not, and is not about the servants needs, but rather their necessity to fulfill the needs of her Mistress. The joy and pleasure a submissive or slave gets from making her mistress happy. The ideal servant/submissive/slave will work HER ass off to pleasure her Mistress.  Details shared/explored as we get to know each other. Now the NOT list: NOT INTERESTED IN MEN, or Couples (FF might be considered) NOT interested in cross dressers, TV, pre-op or post-op people Not Interested in anyone who wasn't born with XX Chromosomes. IF YOUR DNA ISN'T FEMALE, THEN I'M NOT INTERESTED. NOT interested in a sub/slave that needs to be used by groups of people, sold or traded, or used by others. If that's your thing then I'm not for you. If this is only about sex to you then move on, NOT INTERESTED!  This is about MORE then sex. I'm not going to be your pimp, renting you out by the hour. I'm not interested in arranging gangbangs for you. If you want that, go get a car rear in the porn industry. NOT seeking subs/slaves that must be chained to a wall 23hr/day, stripped naked 24hr/day, taken in pubic on a leash, insists on wearing diapers, is into any form of blood, piss or scat play. YUkkkk!! If any of these are your thing, then find someone else who enjoys that stuff...but it's not me. NOT seeking anyone into ANY level of play to do with minors. KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS YOU SICK FREAKS! NOT seeking smokers,drinkers, drug users (AND YES MARIJUANA IS A DRUG YOU POT HEADS). Must be D/D free. NOT interested in anyone who hears voices, especially dead peoples voices, the devils voice, or any other voice that isn't really there. Not interested in anyone who secretly desires to split up my happy marriage in favor of their own personal agenda or goals. NOT seeking ANYONE who is bipolar, schizophrenic, is a sociopath, or any other mental conditions which may incline them to wield an Ax, Machete, Sword, Kitchen Knife, Firearm, use Poisson, or any other dam thing that would inflict harm on the occupants of this household. However, if you suffer from a mental disorder where by you are addicted to eating pussy, need ito as often as you can possibly get, well then that's just fine. And of course, it needs to be said again for those so thick headed...NO MEN! I'm not a lesbian as profile states- I put that designation because when you list in any other category dumb idiot men think its an open invitation. Too those who take offense to this .... TOO BAD.... I'm married. No, he would not and will not be involved physically with what ever happens.  However he may very well be permitted to watch(restrained of course) Yes this profile has a negative tone but its because I'm tired of the time wasters out there. And since this issue seems to,come up a lot, if you ask for a photo 10min after first introducing yourself to me, the answer is "Hellllllllll Noooooooo!" Don't like it? Kiss off, too bad. The internet offers anonymity that real life doesn't when first getting to know someone...why would I give up that precious thing just because YOU ask/demand it. Believe me when I say that I truly CAN live with out YOU or your approval. Oh, and I tend not to trust any photos you have posted or that you happen to send, so don't bother. If your still reading your one of the few. Consider me impressed. So contact me, and add some thought into what you say.



Journal Entries:
7/3/2016 10:08:46 AM
If your not born in xx chromosomes, then don't contact me. If your not willing to work YOUR ass off pleasuring ME, then don't contact me. If you have a problem WEARING a strapon, and fucking ME, then don't contact me. I'm tired of getting contacted by lazy or selfinterested submissive and slaves.

2/25/2016 7:40:13 AM
Perhapps someone can explain to me the attitude and rude behavior of some of the so called subs and slaves in here who in their first communication, ignore the questions I sent, and instead demand photos to "assure mutual attraction." And they have the nerve to send me photos, which are assumed to be of themselves, despite me clearly stating in my profile that I am not interested in receiving photos and will not send any, especially to a stranger I just received an email from. I have uncovered more fakes and gamers then I ever thought possible.

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