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    Chances are that you would walk past me, possibly giving a second glance, but
Male Dominant, 52,  Salt Lake City, Utah US

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 Dominant Male

 Salt Lake City 


 6' 3"

 220 lbs





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Chances are that you would walk past me, possibly giving a second glance, but not having a remote clue of my carnal desires.  This has not always been the case, but the fact remains, I live in Salt Lake City.  Besides, we know how accepting the general population in the Salt Lake City area is to those of us that do not conform to their views, social standards and/or theological beliefs. 

Regardless of the outside cover, I have views and desires that may fit your day-to-day philosophy and cravings, leading to mutual gratification in various aspects of life.  Thus, here are some relevant facts, which may assist you:


  • I have a myriad of acquaintances of various genders, skin tones, etc.  However, I only seek cis-females for intimate encounters.

  • I take my current career and outside commitments seriously.  Therefore, my availability, at times, is tight, making untenable and/or unfeasible situations for meeting.  This situation may change, but not without sound reason and planning.  Yet, with the right female, I will make her an important part of my time.

  • I do not expect to change your core being and you should not expect me to change mine.  I am not your dream savior; I am who I am without any pretense.

  • Interpersonal relations have to be win-win, or I will not be around long.

  • Simplicity is one aspect I strive to attain.  The material aspects of life are of minor concern to me... no fancy house, cars, etc.  Therefore, if your intent is to “gold dig” as your motivation for a relationship, you have reached the wrong person.

  • Intelligence has no correlation with a submissive nature; I require a good level of mental ability in a submissive/masochist, not a mindless automaton.  This aspect aligns with my philosophy of the mind/brain is the largest human sensual organ.

  • Each submissive/masochist I have met in my life are very different at their core.  Thus, it is necessary to understand her deepest needs, desires, etc., ensuring some modicum of compatibility.  Therefore, if there is a true interest, do not expect instantaneous commitment, until I discern some overall compatibility with our needs and desires.

  • Intense is a typical word to describe me.  I tend to exhibit a narrow and intense focus on things that interest me, which some perceive as distant/cold.  This outward demeanor should not fool you, for I am compassionate and protective.

  • If you have masochistic tendencies then that sadistic side of my nature might be the salve for your needs/desires.  I must say, there is something very delightful about seeing orgasmic responses to my stinging touch.  Yet, this is just one aspect of my entire nature, not the defining one.

  • There will always be more facts/facets to me, not presently listed.  However, I believe you have an introductory snapshot, which you will supplement if we further explore the possibilities.

With this summary, if you believe your particular itch or desire maybe realistically sated by me, as well as some reasonable indication of our compatibility, then reach past your trepidations by sending a message.  I will respond to your message.  Yet, I will warn you, if I do not see a reasonable connection between us or given good reason to believe it is disingenuous, anticipate a blunt response, if not unpleasant.  (I did state that I am an intense person, correct?!) Moreover, if you choose to converse with me, I hope you follow my general philosophy, prepare for the worst, expecting the best. As a closing thought, if you do not act on that impulse to respond, you may never know if there is a genuine fit and…



P.S. I do put pictures of myself on here, but with some form of masking to protect myself in our everyday world.  Yet, those in power for this site have randomly removed my pictures, from time to time, without providing reason or cause.  Moreover, do not waste my time asking for an unmasked picture, for you will receive them when you earn it, no sooner.



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