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  Thank you for reading my profile.......... a little bit about me: I have been in th
Male Dominant, 58,  Charleston, South Carolina US

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 Dominant Male


 South Carolina

 5' 10"

 170 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


Thank you for reading my profile.......... a little bit about me:

I have been in the lifestyle for about 20 years now. Wow, has it really been that long :-)  I first became interested in BDSM when I realized I had some different ideas and "longings", that I wasn't sure about. My search led me to a lot of reading and discovery. I was happy to realize I was not alone, nor were my desires crazy :-) I've spent years studying the psychological aspects of M/s, as well as the physical side, and have lived in a 24/7 situation twice over the last 20 years. Both were wonderful experiences. Things that excite me? Control, enslavement, latex, bondage, hoods, chains ....... check out my list of fetishes for a more in-depth listing. Want to feel alive with excitement? I can make that happen for both of us with my years of experience and love of M/s. I can bring discipline, fulfillment, and purpose to your life as well! I love to lead by example! 

I realize making that initial overture to a Dominant can be a little difficult for some submissives. I promise you I am always a gentleman and will treat you as such. So if I've piqued your interest please say hello! 

Journal Entries:
7/20/2017 5:38:06 PM
This site is doing some strange things. Sometimes I click on a profile and the name in the upper right corner, which is supposed to be my profile name, is a completely different name. I have checked a few of them out and they are real profiles belonging to other members. This tells me that this site is having issues with IP addresses as well as mixing up other peoples profiles. As long as this is going on you are not secure in your postings or profile info. Proceed cautiously.

3/6/2017 8:52:28 PM
I keep getting played on this site, strung along then they disappear. you know who you are, stop it! 

2/7/2017 6:02:22 PM
For those that wish to know. I work out regularly and I am in fantastic shape for my age, and look and act much younger than my years. Thanks.

6/11/2011 4:03:56 AM

Don't worry, it's only kinky the first time....................              then it becomes a vice, then an addiction, then a normal permanent part of your life. you know you want it, the "permanent part"  {#}

12/9/2009 3:32:32 PM

I haven't added anything in a while, but this was too funny to pass up. I received an email tonight from an interesting lady that read:

"Buddhist James Bond?"

I replied: Incognito man of enlightenment   :-)

or...................... I am a spy, in the house of love :-)

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