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ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE MEN OR USED TO BE MEN.If you are a single man or used to have a cock you
Male Dominant, 60,  Apache Junction, Arizona US

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A Poly Household

ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE MEN OR USED TO BE MEN.If you are a single man or used to have a cock you are a man and I am not interested. Stay out of my mailbox.

Hardcore,demanding and sadistic owner is seeking a real female slave or a slave couple for permanent ownership. I am seeking someone who is actually capable of being straightforward with me. Is that you?
I would consider 1 year contracts with options. I don't care about your age or experience. Just your willingness to meet my conditions.
The couple can expect that I will take over control of everything including the marriage. Slaves are entitled to nothing unless I choose to let them have it. Wife must be aware and masochistic. Also I will not entertain the husband's fantasy.

Keeping it real simple due to the massive amount of bs. Below is a partial deed of ownership. If you can't live up to this don't waste my time. Couples considered as well.


Whereas I, (slave name), hereafter remaining nameless, agrees to voluntarily give up all rights, personal and legal, and become the personal property of my master, hereafter called my owner; and, whereas (name) has accepted the slave as his legally titled property, the purpose of this slave contract is to codify and enforce the property rights of the owner over the slave.
The slave and owner, both pledge and agree as follows:

1. (name) agrees to become the property of and to submit completely to (name) in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may refuse to obey any wish or order of her owner. The slave will never be given the option to act on its own desire, but will be trained to complete obedience by a combination of systematic humiliation and punishment. The slave's status and duties are permanent and will be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year without any presumption or provision of leisure time for the slave, By execution of this contract, the slave has surrendered her person hood to the owner at all times and for prescribed length of time.

2. The owner will seek to use (name), his property, for his benefit and enjoyment in any fashion he desires. The slave will be at the owner"s complete disposal to perform or submit to any task commanded by the owner. The slave acknowledges that the owner is a committed sadist and dominant male, and that the slave will be required to suffer pain, beatings, rape, group use, deprivation, degradation, and humiliation as he requires in order to keep her in her place. The owner takes the slave as his property specifically wishing to humiliate, harass, torture and punish the slave, without any mercy, respite, or recourse. Slave submits to any manner of sadistic use, cruel and mean orders and unlimited forced sexual use. Further, The SLAVE understands that the owner wishes to invent continuously new torments and cruelties to which the slave will be subjected, and to enforce compliance by any punishment, torment or humiliation required. Slave acknowledges that she is only meant to suffer and serves no other purpose other then provide herself for the amusement of the owner.

3. The owner will endeavor to ensure that all orders for The SLAVE will be extremely mean and humiliating, forcing the slave to do things, or do them in a way she never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances.

Journal Entries:
9/13/2017 6:08:28 PM
It is a proven fact that those who commit to serve or visit without phone calls  or real conversation with the person they intend to meet are full of shit and just live in their fantasy world. No one ever makes a lifetime commitment by email alone.

I have come to expect the lies. Everyone says they are real. I don't believe what I read I believe what I see.  Don't tell me you are real,show me instead.

8/14/2017 7:57:50 AM
Disneyland offers more reality then this ridiculous site. I would imagine most here are Disney rejects.

8/13/2017 11:03:01 AM
How does a slave go about being an online only slut? Does she give her mouse blow jobs? Does she gangbang computers? I wonder how that works.

8/2/2017 11:34:17 PM
Questioning if someone is serious about you? Mention the term phone call and watch them run to the hills. LOL

7/14/2017 3:38:40 PM
Confucious Say: Person who lives in fantasy has matters well in hand. Please wash your hands.

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