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Please scroll down and read my Journal Entries section located far down below my profile. 
Female Slave, 29,  Romulus, Michigan US

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Please scroll down and read my Journal Entries section located far down below my profile.  Read my Journal before writing to me. Many of you men might be wasting your time otherwise. March 2017 is the latest Journal entry upload. I am technically bi, but trending very strongly Lesbian nowadays. Also, my old profile was MasoEllie but I lost the password when I moved back to MI.  So yes, the old MasoEllie and the new MasoEllie2015 are both me.

Things I enjoy discussing in emails include clothes, shoes, anorexia, exercise, healthy diets, academics, career choices, Lesbian/Dyke relationships, etc. One liners will not be answered. Because of my history, email discussing  anorexia, relationship abuse, and domestic violence will receive an intelligent and informed response. In certain ways, I am still recovering from my "terrible years".

Stuff Below This Line is Older Info



January 2017 Update

Okay, I just deleted about 90 % of my old profile. It was way too long.

Also, I really can't really keep updating. It is getting too complicated. So go to my blog/journal entries below. I'll keep that updated.

Please Note: 1) Not into guys, 2) I'm in a committed steady relationship with my GF,  and 3) If you are a guy, please note that I'm unable to answer all the emails from men.

Right now I'm in a primary meaningful relationship with my GF of 2+ years now, and have a second relationship with a nearby Dyke. I am in school. Not looking. Still very anorexic and still extremely masochistic. But, I have to suck it all up buttercup because my priorities these days are all on school. I'm 5'9" and 109 pounds. I actually cheat on my height, because I am more 5'10",  but if I stoop I can get shorter and it makes my BMI at 109 pounds look a little better.

Not really into guys anymore. I grew up in several abusive foster care situations, and am finally evolving away from those horrors. Then my boyfriends in my 20's all abused and beat the crap out of me. It was my fault, I should have walked earlier. I finally did. Left Philly and came back to Michigan where I grew up.  People ask where I am from here in Michigan.  Well, I cycled through 6 different really shitty foster families from all over the state.  I was used just so they could get a monthly check from the state. No one ever gave a shit about me. It was horrible. Niles, Michigan was the worst.  Pure trailer trash and abuse at its worst. Anyway.

I'm good now, so no help needed anymore, thank you.   2017 is gonna really rock ! Ellie


December 2016 Update

I just got back to Michigan. Ugh the weather bad or what. I was in Washington, DC at my GF's parent's place for the holidays.

I think I am going to more and more rely on folks to read my blogs below.  I can't update these profiles here all the time. I also think I tend to write too much in the few emails I do send out. Again, I am not really looking. I use this site to sort of pour out certain emotions, and I find it helps me to do that. I will respond to interesting people, but you better have something on your profile that has an impact. I'm extremely wrapped up with school, so I sometimes wander off and don't log on for weeks. If you do write, be comfortable with the fact that I do have a GF and also have a relationship with a Dyke and her GF on the side. My GF is totally ok with that. Complicated huh?  Yeah. Happy New Year to all !  I plan to academically rock 2017 with all A's again !. Also, I think I should add this:

I have in the past been completely hetero, and then slowly transitioned into being bi-sexual. Recently I have been leaning so far towards the femme side that I may already be a Lesbian .  Just saying.


Journal Entries:
9/9/2017 8:39:32 PM
September 13, 2017

I am back. What a fun/brutal summer. I am taking 18 hours of classes again. More to follow. I have a ton of emails to catch up on.  Yes, I am still with my GF and closer than ever before despite a really brutal summer with her former college room mate.

More to follow soon.


4/26/2017 9:40:09 PM

Wow. May 2017.  Exams.

I have decided to take the summer off. I might waitress or take a single course, but nothing major. I am beat from academics. Looking like all A’s again, but I really worked for it.

I have had some emails with questions.

Am I a Domme? No. In my relationships I am totally submissive, but in real life situations like in school, I am hard core. My lab partner in one of my classes is a super cute Asian girl from Canada. She and I are the top students. We are both very attractive, and very self confident. We really don’t put up with crap, especially from guys. She has a boyfriend, and she knows I have a girlfriend. We really get what the other is all about.  More than a few of the guys think we are complete bitches. I think they are just angry that a couple of attractive femmes are way smarter and sophisticated than they are , and have the grades to prove it.

So I am not a Domme, but I can more than hold my own when needed. If that’s being dominant, so be it.

Anyway. This was just a short journal entry. Am busy studying, and I have NOT been over to the other couple’s place in about 4 weeks.   May sessions are not likely either due to exams and projects,  The summer however may prove interesting.


4/13/2017 7:34:19 PM
April 17, 2017

I just got word that yet another one of my ex boyfriends has just been classified as a violent offender. That makes a total of four. As I look back, I don't even know how I made it though all those terrible years during my early 20s.  I don't know what it is or was about my personality that seemed to attract such vicious and brutal men. Some were not all that brutal yet, but I now can see the trends.

Anyway, I just got word of that and it sort of flipped me for a loop.

Back to my books. I have exams coming up and projects to finish.


3/14/2017 10:04:53 PM

March 19, 2017

Wow, how time flies when you are busy. I am not on as much as I used to be because of my academic responsibilities. I continue to make all A’s and even I am at times amazed at the “ New Me”. In high school, grades were never a priority. I was mainly concerned with surviving  day to day in foster care, struggling through Juvi court hearings,  and planning on running away as I approached age 18. And that explains why I never got a High School diploma and later ended up with a GED degree.

And here I am in College, quite proudly I might add, making all A’s,  and finally in a beautiful relationship with a girl who will soon finish her professional schooling and start her residency training. Go me and Go “Alice”.

A couple of things have sort of been semi bothering me. I do not have a filter set on my email to block males. In the past I have gotten some truly nice mails from men who cared about my anorexia and domestic violence history. Thank you.

However, I also in March 2017 continue to get a lot of really weird email from men who I guess just don’t bother to read my profile or journal. A Dom from Germany wants me to come and bear his children and be his eternal slave. I don’t think so. Not today and not ever. I also get a lot of one line emails such as how are you ? I am doing quite well and thank you for asking. Emails like this don’t so much bother me as make me ask, “ what’s the point” ?

I am on here to mainly write because I find it soothing and I can freely express my thoughts and emotions. I do welcome decent intelligent emails, but please realize ( mainly you men) that I am in a female / female relationship and very very happy. I have no desire to break up a perfect relationship and come to live with you in India, Germany, or Louisiana.

For those men who have not bothered to read my profile or journals, I am a submissive masochist in a primary relationship with a girl I call “Alice” here in my blogs.  With Alice’s approval, I also continue to serve another lesbian couple. I also on occasions serve yet a fourth woman, who is an old college friend of Alice.  Again, I am so not leaving all this for some 20 something guy with a dead end job or some Dom in a foreign country.

Sorry for the rant here. I get on and I see I have twenty new admirers, 90 % of whom are guys. My email is 80% from guys who want to know how I am doing,  or want me to become their slave. Immediately no less.  Email for women tends to be more sympathetic, less self centered,  and usually far more interesting. 

In my next journal entry I am going to write a bit about how my relationship is evolving with the Lesbian couple. It continues to be very interesting.  My books and my classes take priority. Not sure when it will be posted.

And yes, I continue to exercise like a madwoman, and I am still at about 110 pounds. Oh yeah.... at the request of my lover, I now have some very subtle reddish highlights in my hair. All very tastefully done. I actually like it. A lot. Of course anything my GF wants or likes I will automatically like a lot . :-)


1/27/2017 10:20:49 PM
Feb. 2017

Back in school. Heavy class schedule. I am loving the challenge. My self confidence is really increasing. My GF Alice has commented as well on how much I have changed. I am still a submissive masochist, but I now know i have choices and control over my life. I purposely choose to be what I am. before this I simply was what I was and accepted it. Guys took extreme advantage of that and I did not know any better.

I have been getting an occasional hate mail letter. So far always from guys. It does not bother me at all. Years ago it might have, but not any longer. I have been asked what the relationship is between me and my GF Alice.  Yes we do have an S&M rich relationship, but THAT part of my life is kept private because Alice wants it that way.

I wish I could spend more time on CS, but my studies come first along with serving the Dyke couple and Alice. I write and blog because I find it is like therapy.


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