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I AM NOT A SUB!!!! I AM NOT A SLAVE!!! Do not presume that you can 'change' me. April 15, 201
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I AM NOT A SUB!!!! I AM NOT A SLAVE!!! Do not presume that you can "change" me.

April 15, 2016: Something I love about this lifestyle is that there are so many roots that come together to strengthen the BDSM lifestyle. Those roots braid together to form a strong truck. They then branch off to become something even more beautiful. There is no 1 thing that the lifestyle is made up of. What 1 person doesn't like another person will. This lifestyle has something for everyone. That being said...DON'T BE A JERK WHEN SOMEONE ISNT INTO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY & VICE VERSUS. Whether you like or dislike something don't be rude or disrespectful. We are adults. Prove it. Being legal age isnt what makes you an adult. The way you act is.

Another thing is that there is a difference between Pro Dommes and Financial Dommes. Everyone has their own thoughts on these so I will simply be voicing my own thoughts on this. Pros can be lifestyle Dommes whose time is valuable as is the experiences. Sadly in my experience most of the time it is just kids playing a game because their ""hot"" or think they are ""entitled"". This is not always the case; just my experience. Financial Domination is a way to train a slave to be better property. To help control them. To show money isn't power. I personally mix the 2. You want me to train you than you will pay a monthly tribute. My time is valuable & I don't have it to waste. I also want to be kept updated on your extra spending and bills. Yes, I do online training. I also do in real time as well. At this time I do not have a want or a need for a live in slave.That does not mean I won't want 1 in the future. I don't do sessions. I do by monthly & I reserve the right to drop you at anytime. You get 2 chances. 3rd time you are fucked and permanently done.I also do not date nor marry slaves. Slaves are property. There is no such thing as a straight, bi, gay or lesbian slave. They are property. Nothing more.

I am sadistic. I love using pain to break a slave. I will get into your mind and heart. I will break you down. I have even been known to use a bitchs religion against them. It will help you become more accepting of your place in life and will also make you better property. The mental pain you feel will mix with the physical. Blending to the point you crave it. A day without the painful pleasure of servitude will leave you breathless and aching. You life will be incomplete without servitude...

Journal Entries:
8/27/2017 7:22:13 PM
aaahhhh someone got butt hurt cuz i was done with them! hahahaha it's adorable the pathetic attempts at insults people come up with...

8/24/2017 12:41:42 PM
Love being full of cum :) Good way to spend the day. 

7/29/2017 5:49:55 PM
i am so beyond tired...emotionally, mentally and physically... However despite that there have been several silver linings in my life s though Im exhausted Good still happens :)

7/8/2017 4:06:54 AM
Goodness people are fickle. Childish too. It's rather sad. I am far from perfect...I fuck up often and don't always understand but I try....but blocking someone after 1 message? goodness...

7/6/2017 6:51:17 PM
Well...I'm officially 32 now and my weekend was shit tastic and hell....

I reconnected with a piggy and he did make the day fun for a bit but the time I spent with my family though was hell unfortunately. Least my piggy was good... :)

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