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    I am a mental sadist,I know everything starts in the mind. That is w
Female Dominant, 20,  Jacksonville, Florida US

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 Dominant Female



 5' 4"

 143 lbs


 African Descent



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I am a mental sadist,I know everything starts in the mind. That is why I use your mind against you and gain control. Turning you into mu personal pet to use and abuse as I please. 

 Looking for a long-term online and real time submissive, interested in the following:

slow drain, humiliation (verbal, small penis and physical), sissy training, foot worship, chastity, cock and ball torture, racial abuse, ignoring,and many more.




Give yourself to your True Fantasy :*$aissats 


Yes I am a findomme,don't message if you're not into it.

Journal Entries:
9/6/2017 9:03:23 AM
you always promised yourself you would not become an addict. 
Growing you saw all the commercials and warnings, "Say NO to drugs". "Drugs are for loser who are going nowhere in life", you constantly repeated in your mind. 
Then you had your fist dose of Me. It all started with an innocent on a link you saw online. Little did you know that click would lead you head first into My twisted world of mental sadism. 
As you read on through My site, I planted my seed and it began to sprout. 

...A submissive mind a simply a toy; like play dough I mold it to my desire. I believe all woman hold true power over the male species but few can conjure it. I am one of the few and have and do not believe in holding back. I know where a pig like you belongs; beneath me. 

Once I plant my seed in your mind, you are no longer your own person; your are my property. I enjoy taking advantage of you mentally, physically, and financially. All the while I teach you how to properly worship and praise your owner. What turns me on most is watching you beg for my attention, only to give me everything I demand. 

Humiliating a pig with a tiny cock amuses me, watching your self esteem lower and love for me grow, all the while you become nothing but a shell of a pig, gives me a feeling of empowerment... 

With each word you became addicted, wanting to know more, getting a taste for yourself, and giving everything you have. Now you are the true definition of and addict, 

1.) a person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically a dominant woman. 
synonyms: abuser, user, drug addict 

2.) an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity. 
synonyms: enthusiast, fan, lover, devotee, 

With one click you lost yourself and become Mine to use and abuse as I see fit. Now your days without Me go by as a blur, and you know the only way to get your fix is to give. I have become your favorite drug that you just can't quit. There is no rehab that can help. No matter how much you try to go without me the withdrawals kick in and you come crawling back. At work, with your family, even around Me you are always feening for more of Me. When you look at your significant other you see my face. There is no curing this addiction. All you can do is fall deeper into your addiction. That sad little boy you once were is now an addict who can not live without his one true drug; 
Goddess Fantasea.

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