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Hello I am an aspiring BDSM Erotica writer that is looking for assistance from anyone that is
Female Slave, 25,  Locust fork, Alabama US

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Hello I am an aspiring BDSM Erotica writer that is looking for assistance from anyone that is willing to help me complete my book and future writings. If you have any idea please message me. I do ask that all that wish to message me, read my journal before hand to know who and what I am. I am also looking for Dom/Dommes that have experienced an establishment of pain before ( like a training camp where you have trained sub's and slaves kind of like in The Story of O but more realistic). The experience with auction is also what I am looking for for my book. Also for all those who are interested in me please know that I intend on being able to talk to said persons in real time. Meaning phone or Skype. If you have further questions please message me. Thank you for your help. Blessed Be. Blessed Health.


Also looking for Female Doms that are in North Alabama that are looking to have their homes cleaned. Yes I am looking to make money not just be a maid for you and your play toy. Message me please for more information.


I am also looking for My Lord Ramsey Bolton or Lady Bolton for talk first and to get to know each other first then maybe meeting. Looking in the North Alabama area.

Update: Skype is not working for me at this moment all i can do is talk in here until the problem is fixed. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Journal Entries:
7/11/2017 5:34:04 PM
So found the website and took the test here are my results: == Results from == 100% Submissive 100% Slave 100% Rope bunny 98% Degradee 92% Masochist 75% Pet 71% Boy/Girl 64% Primal (Prey) 55% Non-monogamist 51% Brat 47% Ageplayer 43% Experimentalist 23% Vanilla 14% Exhibitionist 7% Voyeur 1% Primal (Hunter) 1% Daddy/Mommy 0% Rigger 0% Dominant 0% Degrader 0% Owner 0% Master/Mistress 0% Sadist 0% Switch Pretty weird becausethat is me to a tee. Hope this helps the passersby.

6/27/2017 7:56:10 PM
Life is eventful. Lost all of my writings so I now have to start over. I just hope I can revive the characters.

5/23/2015 1:41:25 PM
I have spoken to so many people that sometimes I seem to lose myself. In the end though I'm glad for it. I feel good that I have met so many people that are so really to have me at their feet. It comforts me that I still have charm or the mind set to be a slave.

5/12/2015 7:02:18 PM
I apologize for the delay in entries but as W/we all know life seems to drag us in weird directions. My writings are coming along nicely now that I have numerous kind Dominants bother male and female to help. I do apologize again that thus journal entry will be short do to time I have to spend working on my book. Soon I will release the title along with an preview of the first chapter. Thank you.

5/1/2015 3:58:50 PM
In my life I have experienced many things. Among them is a lifestyle that is no longer a lifestyle to me but is a part of my life, my soul, my very being. I was forced as a young child of age 9 by a family friend (God rest his soul). In the five years I was with him I learned discipline, obedience, trust and, faith. But I also learned my love for pain and service. This is why I make myself as a slave. When in service I give up all freedoms to my Owner. He passed on when I was 15. One year later I was taken into service to my first Mistress. She was harder on me and engrained the pervious traits further into me with each punishment. Six months later she got tired of me and set me free. Further riping my heart out. When I was 19 I net my late Master who passed on almost 3 years ago. I served him with honor and all three were equal in my heart. This is why I now write erotica and training manuals for persons of interest. Beginners in this life. I also right any sub/slaves that need a like minded person to vent. Yes, all should find that sane thing in their Owners but then again there is a part of a sub/slaves soul that a Dom/Domme doesn't know unlike myself. Even though I give up everything to my Owner I am very free spirited open-minded and head strong. That I am proud of owned or not. My manuals are all from a sub's point of view to familiarize what is going through a persons mind going g such a journey into submission. My submission was hard so I hope through my writing I may ease the path for others. This is my first entry and I will try to be consistent with entry's once weekly. Thank you.

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