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Deep breath, and here we go. First, I get so much email, much of it from Iggeramooses, that I
Female Submissive, 28,  Maryland US

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Age: 74, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 235 lbs.
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
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Deep breath, and here we go.

First, I get so much email, much of it from Iggeramooses, that I've resorted to this:  There are magic words sprinkled in this profile & Journal that must begin any message or that message will be deleted unread.  You must read the entire profile and Journal to find them.  Got that?  Good.  Let's begin.

[How do I know whether the magic words start your email?  Hover your cursor over a name in your inbox and you see how it begins.  *Added:  And now I have a scrip that "reads" and deletes for me!  Yay!  :)] 

Ever since a BF tied me up and had his way with me, I've craved that and more.  Later he had friends over and that was also a revelation.  So was a lovely woman with a magnificent strappy!  Now I live for all of it.

I'm eager and responsive but not if you treat me poorly.  Respect me as someone who enjoys as you do and you may reap rewards.  That also means humiliation isn't on the agenda.  The first magic word is "Please."

I'm clean, educated, and sociable.  You be the same, and HWP.  Men and women are welcome.  Singles and more are fine but be honest about it.  Married? – No hiding this from the spouse.

Also, this is a private matter, not a public free-for-all.  Never forget that.  The next magic word is "Read."

Also also, I have two good orifices.  My behind is OB.  If you don't understand that, don't respond.  If you understand that, the next word is "This."  All of the magic words must be in order at the very beginning of your message.  Hint: There are more than three magic words... don't ignore the Journal.

With all that said, what you need to do is give me reasons to consider you.  One of those reasons will be your picture if it's not on your profile.  Others will include an idea of your intentions with me.

** A clarification.  I only selected "submissive" because it required me to choose something.  I do submit, and/but more accurately  I practice a tantalizing form of surrender - the act of giving in with a vengeance.  Be worthy of it, and don't mistake it.  If you don't understand this, pass by.

** The picture isn't me but could be my twin.


Journal Entries:
10/1/2016 9:51:20 AM

    My goodness, look at the name!  I'm not a relationship candidate, much less a LTR!

    Also, to clarify - "submissive" means I don't want to take the lead.  It doesn't mean I need "training" or want to "serve" or need "rules".  Move on if that's not for you.

    Move on, too, if "kink" is in your vocabulary - that says this isn't natural to you.

    I disfavor mustaches and/or beards; if you sport facial hair pass on.  Same for tattoos.  Fetishists and costumerists are also not my cuppa'.  And pass by if you style yourself as/with "master" or "sir" or the like, or capitalize personal pronouns (Me, My, etc.) - if you need that to confirm yourself you aren't mature or confident enough for me.

    Some say I'm demanding.  Perhaps, but I'm looking for quality by MY standards, not yours.  The last magic word is "Now".  :)  And be warned:  if you treat my profile as a game of magic words, if you ignore the point of what I wrote and especially what I ask of you... your approach is doomed.  It's really that simple!

    Thank you for your attention.  :) 

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