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Here's the things I am that everyone should know...a Dom, a husband, a father, a hard worker
Dom/Switch Couple, 35/30,  South Carolina US

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 Dom/Switch Couple

 South Carolina


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 5' 10"

 260 lbs



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 5' 4"

 130 lbs



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Submissive Female

Switch Women

Here's the things I am that everyone should know...a Dom, a husband, a father, a hard worker, a lover and a fighter, a gamer, a goofy sarcastic nut, bit of a male supremacist(quite a bit), a gardener, a lover of pizza and Mountain Dew, and a good man.  Those are not by all means all that describe me but it's a good start.

I'm a guardian first and foremost.  I take care of those around me or help them take care of themselves.  I'm protective of my family and anyone I deem close to me. Keep in mind just because you're around me does not make you close. Almost without fail I consider slaves property like a chair. My guardianship there more closely resembles keeping an expensive antique from getting dinged and chipped(unless I'm the one doing the chipping anyway) It's not the emotional attactment family receives.  So when I'm asking you 1000 questions it has a purpose.

I have high expectations of those that serve me and fully accept that regardless of how exceptional the slave is those will never actually be met.  A good slave will never stop trying to improve and will, therefore, never be good enough.  Once a slave settles for good enough, they've failed as a slave. 

And once again because emails just keep coming. If you are a submissive male I don't need you here.

Journal Entries:
10/18/2017 7:40:21 AM
And now for public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood sadistic dom.  Ladies, don't wear waterproof makeup during a session.  Seeing your eyeliner and mascara running down your face when the tears start rolling is incredibly satisfying.  >:-D

10/2/2017 5:01:18 PM
It seems like no one comes  to this site anymore.  No one new anyway.  Just a whole lot of the same faces that never talk to eachother.  I blame global warming...everything is caused by global warming now right?

9/11/2017 7:58:29 PM
I tend to gripe a lot on these.  So parting from that pattern....Long Island brand Southern Style Ice Tea is friggin awesome.  Just found this stuff at our grocery store and it's great.  The green tea with honey is pretty good too.  That is all.

8/17/2017 7:57:27 AM
Happy eclipse day!! I say as I watch the rain pour outside. I don't think Ill be watchin lol

8/8/2017 4:42:58 PM
Lol. Wow. Why is it I always seem to have trouble with New Yorkers? I'be had dealings with people in about every state and at least 6 different countries and the only place I ever run into conflict is with New Yorkers. It's sort of surreal to me. I'm tempted to post the coversation it was so funny. I'll say this. There's nothing that tests someone's online personality like a little well placed criticismm...and I'm talking a very slight one in this case. * to update said person sent me another harrassing email then blocked me before I responded...such maturity**

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