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This is my Dominant profile. Although I am and have been a domestic sub most of my life, here
Male Dominant, 60,  Lovell, Wyoming US

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This is my Dominant profile. Although I am and have been a domestic sub most of my life, here in Wyoming, lifestylers are few and far between cities. Although I will still be looking for an owner for me, I am also looking for a female sub to serve me. We will be a sub/sub couple with me as the Alpha. I have 30+ years in the lifestyle. No pic goodbye.


Although I wear leg braces and use a cane, I still get around good so I am looking for someone who is in pretty good shape (5 foot and 280 pounds is not good shape), enjoys camping target shooting, and a lot more outdoors - gardening, etc. You can move here and I may help but I am looking for a long term partner who can also help contribute to the house - no free rides. I tried it once to help out and never again.


If your profile picture is of your ass or vagina, go away.


To cut down on emails, I am not looking for sissies - I have gone thru sissy training and when a sissy is dressed up, no work gets done so not interested in sissies.


I am not interested in sex subs/slave. If you want to clean my house, wax my truck, take care of the yard work and others, then there is a possibility. I will not be your sugar owner which means you best have money saved up or an income of some sort to pay your share. If you think you are going to lay around in a diaper all day, not happening.


Below is my old sub profile and pictures

Just a beat up ole cowboy whose been in the lifestyle for many years. My cousin crossdressed me at the age of 7 and had me serve her. I had my first bisexual experience and served my male neighbor when i was 13. I spent my first night in a cage for a female Domme when I was 19 and yet, there is so much more to learn. I am under the same name - cagedanimal here and Housemaidbeth and also the same on Fetlife and Femdommesociety.


   I am predominantly submissive and love serving but also am looking for my own sub and maybe become a sub/sub couple. Do note that I wear leg braces due to bad knees so i sit and scoot versus kneel and crawl.


I am try sexual and love to learn new things. In this lifestyle, there is no such thing as race, gender, age, etc just serving or being served. Same as there is no straight, bi, gay, etc as the sub is doing what he is told to do, thus providing a service  and showing respect - not sex.


I do open my house to travelers and love to spoil. I have a camper for camping and also a massage table - love giving and receiving.


I am the original Cagedanimal and that profile shows up here too. I'm trying to update that one.


As a submissive, I am a domestic sub - house cleaning, laundry, yard work, cooking, errands, basically a househusband that does what he is told to do. Dress me as you please, leather, dresses, naked. I do love chastity and the control it gives to you.

Journal Entries:
11/18/2016 10:02:51 AM
If you are submissive or slave and have a do me list or top from the bottom, good luck elsewhere.

11/16/2016 2:58:43 PM
I changed this profile to reflect my search for a submissive of my own.

9/18/2016 12:55:16 PM
Hahahaha. I received an email invite. She says she wants to own me and teach me how to be a slave. She says I will have to pay her. Hmmm I've been a lifestyler since forever and she is 18. I can't wait to find out about her vast wealth of knowledge.

4/13/2016 5:26:39 AM
I was asked if I was a sissy since I have pictures of me cross dressed. I have been a masc male all my life so playing the part of a sissy doesn't work. A local cross dresser switch introduced me to wearing pink and it did make me feel more submissive along with other humiliated fun. But as a Pro-Domme friend pointed out, sissies do not want to do any work. They just want to be seen and prance around. I am a domestic sub who dresses as told to please my owner/s. 

4/2/2016 2:03:26 PM
I've been in the lifestyle a long time so I've had many adventures. To show you how dumb America is becoming - Years back my owner dismissed me. Why? She changed the schedule for when I was to arrive and I informed her I would be late due to the change. No Problem. Well, it became a problem. Because I'll take the hit for this one - I forgot to ask where she would be sitting. I'm telling you here for a good reason. Anyway, after the event, she refused to take my calls and so I finally left her a message saying that I have no idea what is going on but I don't play games so I'm driving the 50 miles back home and have a good life. Good bye.
  Several days went by and I received an email from the family alpha slave telling me there was no reason for me to be late. You see, I had to drive 50 miles on icy roads and explained that I was following traffic. He said no excuse, expletives that the roads were fine when he drove them at 5 that morning. I drove at 9. I had traffic he didn't. The outside lane of the two lane highway in each direction wasn't too bad but the inside median lane was pure ice.
  No excuse, you should have passed them. Really? We all were going 50 mph but I should have sped up and passed them? I drive a 25ft long 9000 pound pick up, my only vehicle and should have sped up to what 60-70 to pass 4 cars? Now not only is that a stupid thing to say but the event - a funeral. Yep, I should have driven like a dumbass to make it on time to a funeral even if it killed me. The dumbing of America.

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